The Universal Republic

The ultimate goal of Freemasonry is to establish the “Universal Republic”, the masonic term for world government. Declarations made by various masonic Grand Masters confirm this.

By Philippe Ploncard d’Assac

The declaration of Roger Leray, the masonic Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France (1) demonstrates that the quest for world government has been pursued for centuries:

“Two hundred years ago, Chevalier Ramsay declared the Universal Republic”.

“Ever since, Freemasons the world over have indefatigably contributed to its construction.”

Globalists publically declare their objectives. On 17 February 1950, Paul Warburg, a Jewish American financier, declared before the US Senate that:

“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

Twenty years later, another leading figure in cosmopolitan finance, Edmond de Rothschild, took up the same theme, declaring:

“The barrier which must be breached is the nation”

This is precisely the hidden aim of the supra-national European Community: the destruction of European nation-states.

The pretext for the Europe Union is the need to form a force capable of resisting American power. But what we observe is precisely the opposite. By undermining national sovereignty, the EU weakens European states, which become increasingly unable to oppose American power. As a result, they are forced into wars, deliberately caused by the globalist elite, whose military wing is the American armed forces.

Given this context, it is regrettable that some who claim to oppose globalism support European regionalism. In doing so, they merely play the globalist game. The EU is merely a means of making European nations agree to abandon their sovereignty.

As early as 1976, the globalist Jean Monnet, an American agent, revealed in his Mémoirs the EU’s true objective:

“The European community itself is merely a step towards the organizational structures of tomorrow”

The full meaning of this declaration was revealed when the Grande Loge de France (2) declared that:

“Freemasons from the Grand-Orient are not the only ones to advocate the destruction of nations; those from the Grand Loge adopt the same language”

“For the Freemasons, the construction of a European zone is merely the precursor to the creation of a universal territory, the entire planet as a homeland

We can see, then, that the origin of this globalist utopia can be traced back to the beginnings of the so-called “French” Revolution and that the cosmopolitan elite has, throughout the centuries, tirelessly worked to impose this vision on the world. From Ramsay, Weishaupt and Cloots we come to Monnet, Rothschild and Warburg, who declared that a world government would be imposed by force if need be.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s collaboration in the globalist plot was plain for all to see during his UN speech, made in October 2007:

“In the name of France, I call upon all nations to unite to build a New World Order for the 21st century” (3)

Moreover, in a letter sent to his minister of foreign affairs, Bernard Kouchner (like Sarkozy, Kouchner is of Jewish origin), Sarkozy wrote:

In short, we are asking you to transform our diplomatic service into a ministry of globalisation (4)

And in a speech, made on 16 January 2009, he warned:

“Together we will go towards this New World Order”.

“And nobody, I mean nobody, will be able to oppose this”.

What can this statement be, if not a call for the mythical and messianic Universal Republic?

But he forgets that it is in the nature of utopias to collapse, for they contain the seeds of their very own destruction.

(1) Humanisme, July 1969

(2) Entreprise, 18.7.1970

(3), Points de Vue Initiatiques, N°72, 1989

(4) La Politique N° 77. November 2007.

Translated from French

The original author was Philippe Ploncard d’Assac

Source: Le Complot Mondialiste, pp 23-25

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