Macron – Electoral Fraud ?

By Johan Livernette


Macron gains 24% of the votes in the first round: an electoral coup

Bogus voters (just as in 1793, when it came to voting for the execution of Louis XVI), people who voted twice, voters struck-off the electoral roll en masse, and 0 % blank votes recorded in Lyon *! Very perculiar results for Socialist Party city councils (Gérard Collomb and Anne Hidalgo). In addition to which, when the results of the first round were announced on Sunday 23 April at 20h, the count had not yet been completed. Coincidentally, the results exactly matched those predicted by the pollsters, whose impartiality, as everyone knows, is legendary!

Is Emmanuel Marcron’s score valid ? Definitely not. Nothing proves his 24%. And given his unpopularity, this result is hard to believe. Just as it is hard to believe that a party with a long history and a significant number of grassroots campaigners, the Socialist Party (Benoît Hamon), gained only 6% of the votes. This is precisely the opposite of Macron: he established his party only a year ago, has no campaigners on the ground, and the fact that he lacks a policy is clear for all to see.

So it is perfectly legitimate for us to find these two scores dubious and to ask the following question: did the Socialist Party work to undermine Hamon in order to favour Marcron? Was he perhaps the fall guy in what appears to be an electoral coup? Another possibility: invalid votes might well have been transferred to the banker from Rothschilds.

We should also note that the Masonic left have had a disastrous five years in office. What’s more, if we add together the scores of the three candidates from this socialist family (Macron, Mélenchon and Hamon) we come to a score of 49,95%! So if the Socialist Party had fielded just one candidate, they would have obtained 49,95% of the votes in the first round!

During a meeting held by Macron in Marseille, everybody could see that the hall was empty. On the way out, those who had attended the meeting declared, when asked, that they were not all convinced by this dismal public speaker. Even those who have no interest in politics have worked Macron out. Everybody has understood that he is a puppet for the Rothschild bank, a stooge for the lobby groups, an agent for Israel and the forces opposed to France, who will be forced into office in order to complete the destruction of the French nation and submit it to globalism.  


The people do not want Marcon but the system will impose him

In short, the people of France do not want Macron, but he will be imposed by the system nonetheless, either by force or fraud. For the international oligarchy couldn’t care less about the will of the people. The situation is reminiscent of the French referendum held in 2005, when the people of France voted “no” to the adoption of the European constitution. This didn’t stop Nicolas Sarkozy from forcing through the Lisbon Treaty in 2007, which meant that France then said “yes” to Europe.

The system wanted Macron versus Le Pen in the second round, and they have succeeded. This explains the political assassination of François Fillon by the media throughout his electoral campaign.

On Sunday 7 May, there may well be a landslide in favour of the Front National, but it’s Macron who will be declared the winner.

This system cannot be overturned by voting. The banking cartel’s agent will be imposed. That was the plan from the start. The will of the people is disregarded in such cases. The architects of the New World Order have their agenda to follow and their mission of destruction to accomplish.

All this leads us to the inevitable question: what is the point of voting? What is the point of devoting time and energy campaigning for a political party when the outcome has already been determined? Voting, on the other hand, does endorse this democratic system (controlled by the Masonic lodges) which enslaves us all.

*The official figure declared by the French Ministry of the Interior on its website the evening of the first round of votes.

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