Mass Immigration: A Plot to Destroy European Nations

The immigration catastrophe which has struck Europe is not the result of climate change. Nor is it the result of demographic or economic factors, as the mainstream media would have us believe. Indeed, Europe is the only region in the entire world where the borders have been flung wide open to immigrants from the four corners of the globe and where the judges consider that foreigners “are at home in our home”. Why? Because mass immigration into Europe is all part of the international oligarchy’s project for the entire world. In other words, the immigration catastrophe is the result of high treason committed against the different European nations. It is a treason for which the collaborators should prepare themselves to be held to account…

The immigration crisis is no accident: it is a policy goal!

As Jean-Yves le Gallou demonstrates in his book*, mass immigration into Europe is the result of a policy pursued by the international oligarchy against the interests of each European nation.

First of all, multinational enterprises have lobbied for cheap labour and minimal social protection for workers. In this sense, immigration is a form of obtaining the wage-cost benefits of relocating production facilities to a country with lower wages without having to incur the costs of relocating the enterprise, what we may term an ‘interior relocation’.

Secondly, mass immigration was chosen by the cosmopolitan oligarchy as a means of destroying national identities and nations which obstruct their plans for world government. The pretext for this is that the freedom of movement of people must be linked to that of goods and services: this amounts to saying that people are commodities and so provides a justification for a form of global slavery !

Finally, mass immigration provides the United States with a means of permanently undermining its European rival by using the anarchy deliberately created in the Middle East

These three strategies have been combined to prevent any solution to the immigration crisis. Indeed, the catastrophe is no accident, but is in fact the desired aim of a policy pursued by the international oligarchy.

The international oligarchy : a case of proven guilt

The guilt of the international oligarchy is proven beyond doubt. For, in so far as we could claim that immigration was beneficial during the 1970s, we can longer say so today. In other words, while we could plead an error of judgement regarding the policy pursued in the past, this argument is no longer valid today, because numerous well-documented studies highlight the costs of immigration and the failures of multiculturalism. Every day the news provides further proof of how European societies are increasingly fragmenting into different ethnic enclaves, not to mention the growing influence of radical Islam in our communities.

Given their powers and their high-rank, the international leaders who form the oligarchy cannot claim to ignore these facts. They will not able to plead ignorance before any court of law.

To publically declare support for mass immigration these days is not, therefore, an error of judgement: it is the wilful disregard of facts and an ideological refusal to see the truth. In other words, we have a case of deliberate wrongdoing.

Indeed, the oligarchy is guilty of having consciously provoked the destruction of our civilisation. Which indicates that they have submitted to an extremely evil and truly inhumane project.

The oligarchs : the new Pharisees

In addition, the fact that the collaborators do not personally suffer the consequences of this catastrophe which they have created means that this ethical crime is even more serious. Added to their preference for evil, are the sins of pride and cynicism.

The collaborators are the new Pharisees who pose for the cameras while pretending to care for immigrants and other ‘refugees’. But they are not moved at the plight of their own people. They pride themselves on ‘welcoming refugees.’ The homeless of their own countries, who no longer have a shelter because it has been requisitioned for the ‘refugees’, do not interest the oligarchs, nor do they interest the mainstream media, the oligarchs principal instrument of propaganda.

A perpetual lie in support of the ‘great replacement’ **

As if that wasn’t enough, the collaborators of this immigration policy have added mendacity to their charge sheet, which again shows that it is very difficult to stop once the path of evil has been taken.

For today, the entire media system is based on a total and permanent distortion of the truth: a distortion to conceal that immigration is a calamity for European nations; a distortion to portray the invaders as victims; a distortion to make our citizens feel guilty; a distortion to portray the opponents of this disastrous immigration policy as racists or neo-Nazis.

The politically correct regime, governing anything related to immigration, is a form of official and legalised mendacity which has no real historical precedent in Western Europe. It is a perpetual lie that serves as an alibi for the ‘great replacement’.

Proven treason

But these moral crimes, though very serious, are not sufficient to properly describe this treason. We need to show how the oligarchs benefited from their criminal policies.

Jean-Yves Le Gallou has demonstrated that the pro-immigration ideology concealed a booming parallel economy based on immigration:

  • Politicians who favour the Muslim population to obtain votes
  • Politicians who turn a blind eye to the growing influence of radical Islam in our society with the view to obtaining large contracts with the oil monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar)
  • Intellectuals who gain a sort of media celebrity status by making politically correct statements on immigration or ‘racism’
  • Company directors who pocket the profits of low-wage labour
  • Public sector workers who will be favoured by management if they offer favourable treatment to immigrants
  • Legal enterprises which exist purely and simply because immigrants are granted legal aid
  • Judges who, using the prextext of human rights, solidify the position of an irresponsible government
  • Not forgetting those bishops who support illegal immigrants in the hope to fill churches, now emptied of their European parishioners.

The list of collaborators, profiting from this high treason, is long.

Europeans will demand justice

Putting an end to this immigration chaos demands profound political change. It also assumes that any new government would have the courage to implement the necessary policies. It supposes, too, that this new government would finally put the immigration collaborators out of action.

For the nation will have every right to hold them to account for their treason.

The nation will, for example, be entitled to demand compensation from company directors for immigration costs which were paid solely by the taxpayer, when in fact it was directors who were the instigators.

A precise investigation will allow us to determine the number of crimes for which these collaborators will be found guilty: bribery and corruption; malfeasance; violation of the 1905 law; breach of employment and social security law; use of improper procedures; unlawful discrimination against French nationals; and incitement to commit criminal acts.

Mass immigration is not only a social and economic catastrophe. It is also a crime against our people and our civilisation, committed by the oligarchs. A crime that cannot go unpunished.

As the march of history gets underway again, the collaborators who fill our TV studios, our government departments and boardrooms would do well to bear this in mind.

Article Translated from French

The original author was Michel Geoffroy

Source: Polémia

*See Jean-Yves Le Gallou, Immigration, La Catatstrophe: Que Faire?, (Editions Via Romania)

** A reference to Renaud Camus’s book, Le Grand Replacement

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