New World Order Weapons

HAARP: A new weapon?

By Philippe Ploncard d’Assac

In La Politique N° 105 (and in N°108, June 2010), I’d remarked upon the uncanny speed with which the Americans intervened following the Haiti earthquake, as if they had been prepared for it, and I had made the connection to the possibility of using the HAARP system (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) to trigger earthquakes.

The question I’d asked was:

Is this science fiction ?

“Perhaps, but in this age of the globalist conspiracy, the aim of which is to impose a dictatorship at all costs, anything is possible.”

Today Japan is on its knees because of the Sichuan earthquake, the resulting tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Thus, the report written by the north Russian fleet, according to which “the Haiti disaster was probably triggered by the US testing weapons which simulate the effect of an earthquake”, gains yet more credibility.

Especially as this report stated that this “weapon was tested” with the view to “using it against Iran.”

If Iran’s nuclear facilities, buried deep underground, were destroyed in an “earthquake”, nobody would have reason to ask questions!

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, condemned “a deliberate attempt to trigger an earthquake”, a statement which appeared sufficiently founded for Fox News and Russia Today to relay this. In addition, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia demanded that the “UN Security Council be urgently summoned to investigate the charges”

As early as the 1990s, 90 members of the Russian parliament had issued a press release condemning American plans to create “new geophysical weapons which could influence the terrestrial environment by using high frequency radio waves”

If these types of weapons exist, could they be the cause of the earthquake which brought Japan to its knees? Is this not a warning to economic competitors or other countries insufficiently submissive to the New World Order?

It is odd that, for no apparent reason, January 2011 saw the death of thousands of birds, tens of thousands of crabs and hundreds of sea lions, whales, etc. in different parts of the world…

Could the desire for world domination go so far as “state crimes”, as with the September 11 attacks, in order to control any rebellious tendencies?

We believe so, for if the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense, the US Air-Force and the US Navy provides finance for projects, it is not to grow corn, even if it is genetically modified…!

Thus, we ought to take seriously this warning from the website Le projet HAARP:

“The HAARP project has absolutely incredible potential and few people in the world are aware of the profound revolution in systems of control which, in the future, will be used by an elite, whose dream is to control the whole of humanity”

Indeed, this technology can :

  • disrupt the communication systems of satellites
  • change, intercept and control the trajectory of enemy missiles
  • change the weather in given zones (so floods, drought or wildfires, as we saw in Russia this summer, could be programmed)
  • alter the functioning of the brain by electromagnetic radiation
  • scramble navigation and communication systems of civil and military aircraft
  • carry out topographical surveys to locate weapons manufacturers and laboratories
  • trigger earthquakes, etc.

As for the Ionospheric Research Instrument, the next system to be developed, it will be ten times more powerful.

Are these research programmes part of the globalist programme?

They could well correspond to Kabbalastic symbolism – an example of this being the moto “ordo ab chao” inscribed on the dollar bill – cherished by Luciferian secret societies.

In an article entitled “New World Order weapons, have the ability to trigger climate change”, Michel Chossudovsky, economics professor at the University of Ottawa and author of The Globalization of Poverty, notes that:

“From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction. Potentially, it constitutes an instrument of conquest capable of selectively destabilising agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions.”

World renowned scientist Rosalie Bertell confirms that: “American military scientists are working on weather systems as a potential weapon”.

This confirms what the globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in 1970:

“Technology will make available to the leaders of the major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised.”

Likewise, in Les armes de l’ombre, Marc Filterman, a French army officer, alludes to different types of non-conventional weapons, using radio waves, and “metrological wars”.

The scientific researcher and anti-HAARP campaigner Dr Nick Begich is of the same opinion.

In February 1998, Maj-Britt Theorin, a Swedish Social Democrat MEP, questioned the European Parliament on the HAARP issue, but the commission set up for this purpose declared that it did not have the authority to separate environmental issues from those of defence, “Brussels looking to avoid problems with Washington…”

The problem is that those wishing to play God could see their experiments blow up in their faces. A number of unexplained natural disasters have struck the US of late.

It is perhaps in this way that the paranoia of messianic globalism will trigger the Apocalypse.

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Tragedy at Fukushima. A Zionist Crime ?

By Philippe Ploncard d’Assac

In an article which appeared in Rivarol (25/11/11), Michèle Favard-Jirard cites the various sources, according to which the earthquake and the tsunami alone were insufficient to explain the subsequent chain reaction of catastrophes.

As she explains :

“According to certain US intelligence sources, the explosions which shook the Fukushima N°1 nuclear power plant were due to the presence of nuclear warheads, which had been stolen from a nuclear weapons storage facility in the US”

Confirmation of this comes with an article written by a Japanese journalist based in Hong Kong, Yoichi Shimatsu, who blames a secret collaboration between the Americans and the Israelis.

Allegedly, the incident could be traced back to the Japanese prime minister in 2006, Shinzō Abe, who had sought to obtain the nuclear bomb for Japan.

The Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, carried the following story on 27 September 2007:

“Yesterday, we learnt that the government and the utility companies have begun talks with Russia.”

“If Washington refuses the nuclearisation of Japan, Tokyo will turn to Moscow” 

This was an allusion to the Pentagon’s opposition to Japan becoming a nuclear power.

And yet, according to Yoichi Shimatsu, the nuclear material “was authorised by the Americans at the highest level of government, in accordance with a trilateral agreement between the Bush-Cheney team, Ehud Olmert’s Israeli government and the Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe”

What happened next is strange.

The required nuclear material was stolen from BWXT Pantex plant in Amarillo, Texas. Sixteen tonnes of nuclear warheads were placed in refrigerated containers, to avoid the risk of nuclear fission, and were transported to Houston port, where they were loaded onto ships belonging to an Israeli company…

Then a member of the CIA, Roland Vincent Carnaby, an inspector at the port who had apparently detected that the cargo was radioactive, was killed while he chased a car driven by Israelis !

It is odd that his contract linked him to an Israeli company, Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering

Everything about this affair is suspicious, beginning with the secret agreement between the Americans, the Israelis and the Japanese.

Yoichi Shimatsu points out that:

“Playing the role of brokers, the Israelis were quick to ask Tokyo for additional fees and, to add insult to injury, had the nerve, before delivery, to swap the warheads with depleted ones, which therefore needed to be enriched.”

When the scam was discovered by the Japanese, they had no other choice but to enrich the uranium cores at Fukushima.

The Japanese demanded to be reimbursed by the Israelis, who refused. This led to reprisals: the Japanese lent their support to the Palestinians at the UN.

It is at this point that the tragedy begins.

To avenge Japanese support for the Palestinians, Mossad had apparently infected the Japanese nuclear plants with Stuxnet, a computer virus which had been deployed in the Iranian nuclear plants 2010. (1)

The Japanese firewall systems resisted the virus until the Tohuku earthquake. The resulting power cut disrupted the control system, removing the firewall.

When the power was reestablished, Stuxnet was activated, disabling the emergency generators.

Thus, for the twenty minutes between the earthquake and the tsunami, the valves and the pumps were disabled. As a result, the water cooling system was cut off.

The overheating in the reactor core would have thus triggered the explosions, which were intensified by two unforeseen external factors:

  • The activation of the virus, which shutdown the safety systems
  • The presence of military nuclear warheads, which needed to be enriched, following the Israeli scam.

We are thus lead to believe that the delivery of this nuclear material to Japan was a trap prepared by the Israelis and the Americans in order to prevent the Japanese from obtaining the nuclear bomb.

The Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu concludes :

“The International Criminal Court has sufficient proof to initiate proceedings related to the health of millions of Japanese, Candians, Americans, Russians, Koreans, Chinese.”

There has been total silence following these revelations. Why?!

(1) Laurent Heslault – Cyber-espionnage pour cyber-sabotage, on France 24.

Translated from French

The original author was Philippe Ploncard d’Assac












Freemasonry, Revolutions and Wars


From its very inception, Masonic ideology contained all the heresies of the modern age. These contribute to the destruction of European nations, empires, societies and their foundation: the Catholic faith.

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Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the secret society the Illuminati of Bavaria, declared to its members:

“We must establish an authoritarian, universal regime, a form of government which covers the entire world”

“It is in the privacy of secret societies that we must shape public opinion” (1)

This is what nationalists fight against. Weishaupt condemned these “partisans of National Pride” in his letters, seized by the Elector of Bavaria’s police.

Another revealing text is the La Marseillaise des Franc-Maçons written by Jouy (2) :

“The Universal Repbulic is merely the temple of the Masons; they drew the blueprint of this from their symbolic lessons”

The utopian dream of the Universal Republic has not changed.

In 1968, Roger Leray, the Grand Master of the Grand-Orient lodge, reminded the General Assembly of Freemasons (3) that:

“Two hundred years ago, Chevalier Ramsay declared the Universal Republic”.

“Ever since, Freemasons the world over have indefatigably contributed to its construction.”

Likewise, Patrick Kessel (4) in his inaugural speech declared that :

“The Freemasons of the Grand-Orient de France have a project, a task, a hope: the Universal Republic.”

We shouldn’t believe that this utopia is unique to the atheist Grand-Orient whereas other Masonic orders are, supposedly, different and “trustworthy”, as some would try to have us believe. Guy Piau (5), Grand Master of the Grande Loge de France, takes care to open the eyes of the gullible by pointing out that:

The quest for both a European and world community falls within the ambit of our thoughts and our actions.”

And it is confirmed that :

“Freemasons from the Grand-Orient are not the only ones to advocate the destruction of nations; those from the Grand Loge adopt the same language”

“For the Freemasons, the construction of a European zone is merely the precursor to the creation of a universal territory, the entire planet as a homeland

In Europe-Parlement, a private publication reserved for politicians, Richard Dupuy (6), (7), also Grand Master of the Grande Loge de France, confirmed what the common goal was:

“We work for the creation of a Universal Republic and this Republic depends on Europe”

So we should have no illusions. All Masonic orders and their “fellows” work to achieve the same goal, as confirmed by J Baylot (8), another Grand Master of the Grand Loge Nationale:

“Each order has its own specific characters and language but, in truth, members all receive the same Masonic instruction, leading to the same goal”

“The lodges will give way to Masonism, which will be a universal religion”

It couldn’t be any clearer and we can see that, after two centuries, the goal remains the same:

Universal Republic, universal religion, Masonism

Another revealing text can be found in Travaux (T.XI, p.3.), published by the Grande Loge de France:

“The Grande Loge de France has the great advantage of welcoming among its midst members from different orders who have their own particular rituals”

This is in no way a problem for them because

“All fellows agree on the fundamental principles, otherwise they could not be Freemasons”

Could there be any better proof of the fact that all Masonic orders work to achieve the same goal?

These documents show that the Grande Loge Nationale de France is no more “trustworthy” than the other lodges, contrary to what some of its agents, who claim to no longer be Masons, would try to have us believe (9).

To ensure that this “universal, Masonic religion” or “Masonism” was viable, it was necessary not only to destroy Catholicism but also its political foundation: the nations which drew their inspiration from Catholicism, monarchies based on the divine right of kings.

The new nation of the revolutionaries has no connection with the natural homeland, the product of previous generations.

In 1993, the Grand Master of the Grand-Orient, Gilbert Abergel, recalled that:

“As early as 1987, during the draft stages of this reform (of the law governing the entitlement to French nationality, replacing the principle of jus sanguinis with that of jus soli) our order – via the Grand Master at the time, Jean-Robert Ragache (10) – had reiterated in Le Monde its commitment to the republican idea of nationality which ruled out all use of the jus sanguinis principle as the foundation of French nationality”

So the Freemasons, in the execution of their globalist plot, rely on the principle of jus soli in order to drown nations in a vast inflow of foreigners, thereby preventing any nationalist backlash.

Bush’s condemnation of Austria’s immigration policy in 2000, reported by Roger Cohen in the New York Times, demonstrates how the globalists rely on immigration to “break down the barrier of the nation”.

This passage from the Contrat maçonnique européen (11) provides further evidence of the development of this policy:

“The European ideal, a vital element of universalism, is inherent in the Masonic tradition, which declares that the construction of a Masonic Europe is necessary”.

Following the triumph of internationalist ideas of the French Revolution, the new nation of the Freemasons was defined in ideological terms. All those who adhere to these “new ideals” belong to this “nation”, regardless of their religious beliefs or national origins. In order to properly understand this total transformation of the concept of a nation, we have to go back to Weishaupt.

In the letters he wrote to his followers, he divided his contemporaries into two categories:

Those who, like him, adhered to what he called love of the world, the ancestor of globalist cosmopolitanism.

Those whose acts are motivated by love of the nation (12). His followers were urged to fight these nationalists.

It is clear that, right from the very inception of the Masonic utopia, the two camps were already diametrically opposed to each other

On the one hand, we have the citizens of the world, the globalists for whom the new nation is planetary in nature, the Universal Republic.

On the other hand, we have those who understand the grave consequences of these revolutionary, internationalist ideas and who fight against this utopia. Henceforth we will call them nationalists.

We must emphasise the importance of these definitions and the historical origins of the nationalist ideal. Some people wrongly believe that the Jacobins were nationalists, because they declared that the “homeland was in danger”. To believe this is to fail to understand that words did not have the same meaning and purpose. The revolutionaries defended the “new” nation, which was “ideological”, “internationalist”, and was opposed to the inherited, traditional nation.

The following statement from Point de Vue Initiatique (13) is very clear:

“Citizenship is open to all those who identify with the values of the Republic, whether they be foreigners or natives”

Nicolas Sarkozy’s declaration clearly expressed the same principle:

“I don’t want any more talk about native-born French”

We understand why, because he doesn’t belong to this category!

So for the revolutionaries of 1789 and their heirs, the nation and the homeland are mere ideological constructions which reject the idea of the nation as a heritage, a nation inherited with all its defining cultural characteristics.

This is why Anacharsis Cloots, a Prussian Jew and one of the key foreign agents of the so-called “French” Revolution, was granted French nationality by the Convention upon publication of his book, entitled The Universal Republic

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As far as the members of the Convention were concerned, the key criterion to be French was the identification with the internationalist “values of the republic”.

A fact rarely highlighted is the large number of foreigners involved in the French Revolution:  Cloots, Marat, Necker, Franklin, Weishaupt, Cagolistro, Mesmer, to take just the most famous names, not to mention Israelites from France and elsewhere, who actively participated in the revolutionary turmoil and financed it.

Likewise, the ranks of the republican army were full of foreign officers committed to “new ideas”. Many of them went on to play a role in the revolutions in their own countries, in particular in Spain and Latin America during decolonisation.

Another type of nation, which aimed to destroy the traditional nation, emerged from this revolutionary process.

On the one hand, we have the nation of heritage which represents the intellectual, moral, spiritual capital, gradually built up by previous generations, that is to say everything which has come to form the unique character of each nation.

On the other hand, we have the new and artificial homeland, the ideological nation, which rejects and hates national heritage. This is a new nation made of men who are supposedly equal and undifferentiated. The only thing these men have in common is their commitment to the revolutionary utopia, irrespective of their nationality. (12)

From this perspective, nationality no longer defines the individual; it is ideology which defines the individual and, according to this logic, the nation of heritage will gradually disappear to the point where it is no longer the defining framework or reference point for the citizen who is now a “citizen of the world”. Consequently, the nation is regarded as superfluous.

Such is the inherent and destructive logic of globalism, the product of the Masonic utopia, the disastrous consequences of which we can see today.

Jacques Ploncard d’Assac (14) made a cogent analysis of this programmed destruction:

“Nations no longer form a coherent whole.”

“Things have somehow lasted through force of habit, but, as the principles which form the idea of nation disappear, the masses become once again open to the artificial regroupings of stateless technocrats.”

“Societies are to be portrayed as being sorts of refugee camps where men from all over the world will work for an unnamed and gigantic company in exchange for a salary and a home, their work having no precise meaning in an extinct historical community”

This is precisely what certain groups, at the time of the Revolution, were fighting against. This is why the Freemason Weishaupt warned his followers of those he called “nationalists”. They were liable to endanger these Masonic and globalist ideas.

Once the monarchy gave way to revolutionary ideas and certain “initiated” members of the aristocracy, such as Philippe Egalité, started to collude with financial speculators (most of whom were either Jewish or Protestants from England) to corner the market for consumer goods in order to drive up their price (sparking widespread anger), the nationalist backlash, which worried Weishaupt, emerged by default from a monarchy which had surrendered its role. (12)

Understanding the darker purpose of the Masonic internationalist conspiracy, Joseph de Maistre (who had decided to leave both the Freemasons and the Martinist Order) had identified exactly what was really underlying the Revolution and where it would lead society and the nation (15). In a letter to viscount de Bonald, he wrote:

“Nations are destroyed by conquest, that is to say by invasion. But in this case we have an important question. Without being invaded or transplanted, can a nation die on its own soil just through decay, simply by letting corruption reach its heart and the founding principles which define its character? This is a serious and daunting problem. At this point, France and the French no longer exist. Rome is no longer in Rome and everything is lost.” (16)

This question precisely defines the process which began with the Revolution and which, if nations fail to take action, will conclude with the programmed destruction of nations. It is at the root of every nationalist analysis.

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“Without being invaded or transplanted, can a nation die on its own soil just through decay, simply by letting corruption reach its heart and the founding principles which define its character?”

Joseph de Maistre’s question leads us to examine the means by which the “founding principles” of a nation are endangered.

We have already discussed the political and financial role of numerous Jews in the French Revolution, in particular Marat, Necker, Cloots and Weishaupt.

The means by which this plan is put into action are always the same, as demonstrated by declaration made by Paul Walberg, a Jewish financier, before the American Senate:

“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

Twenty years later, Baron Edmond de Rothschild (1), comes back to the same obsession:

The barrier which must be breached is the nation!” 

Prior to this, certain members of the Jewish community, in particular Sigmund Warburg, Arman Hammer and Jakob Schiff, had supported the Bolshevik Revolution from its very beginning. This gives credence to what the American historian Ivor Benson (2) observed. He considered international Communism to be:

“The explosive needed to destroy Christian nations”

This explains the ease with which the Soviet Union collapsed. Once Communism had completed its designated task of destruction, it became more profitable for its backers, the cosmopolitan plutocracy, to open new markets in the ex-USSR by destroying it from the inside! There was no need for intervention by Pope Jean-Paul II, who had refused to sanctify Russia at the Sacré-Coeur. The globalist elite which had backed Communism decided to change its strategy, and this alone was enough for it to disappear. This is the truth of what appeared to be the opposition between cosmopolitan capitalism and Marxism, both of which are merely two sides of the same coin, namely atheist materialism, which is opposed to Christian society.

The continuation of this globalist desire to destroy nations can be seen in the statements made by French official representatives of Judaism, who express their hatred of France:

Bernard-Henry Lévy, (3)

“Hurray for everything which can contribute to the destruction of reactionary mythologies of the nation-state, chauvinistic nationalism, region, bagpipes and folklore”

The same hatred of the nation is also expressed by Georges-Marc Benamou (4) :

“Everything to do with region, berets, drunkenness, bagpipes, in short anything typically French and jingoistic is alien to us, not to say abhorrent”

As for Pierre Bergé, patron of the Globe and various gay magazines, he claimed that:

“Homeland is the most hateful word for us”

Us ? What does he mean by “us” ?! A statement made by Jean Khan, president of the Jewish European Congress, leaves no room for doubt:

My political party is the Jewish people”

In addition, he considered that:

“Any form of reference to the baptism of Clovis constitutes a very strong incitement to racial hatred” and he called for a “crack down on any reference of this kind”

In the light of certain statements, we can see what lies behind this hatred of nations.

In his memoirs, the globalist Jean Monnet (7), one of the “fathers of Europe” and an American agent revealed the objective:

“The European community itself is merely a step towards the organizational structures of tomorrow”

This is what all Masonic orders declare, while obsessively striving for the creation of the Universal Republic,  as we have seen above.

Jean Gandois, who was president of the CNPF (National Council of French Directors), made a revealing remark:

“Labour and national capital no longer serve the nation and its people” (8)

Who does benefit from them, then ? Felix Rohatyn was the American ambassador to France and the director of Lazare bank. He was also the head of the highly influential and highly secretive French-American Business Council (FABC). He gives us the answer:

“It is time to think about Europe in a new way, no longer as a group of nation-states but as constellation of dynamic cities and regions which will be our clients” (9)

Note that he doesn’t say “partners” but “clients”, meaning people fit only to buy their products…!

Likewise, during the American military operation against Serbia (a country which sought to protect the birthplace of its religious and national identity, Kosovo) the US chief of operations, General Michael Wesley Clark (10), declared in July 1999 on CNN that:

“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states

“That’s a 19th century idea, and we are preparing the transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multiethnic states.”

Again, notice this very revealing “we”.

These declarations concur with those made by the cosmopolitan financers Paul Walberg and Edmond de Rothschild for whom:

“The barrier which must be breached is the nation” (1) !

Aside from revolutions, we must also examine the way in which wars are used by the Freemasons as means of securing world domination.

There were two “sparks” in twentieth century history which triggered the globalist chain reaction. These events correspond to specific stages in the Masonic blueprint for the world. These events were engineered using the well-known technique of provocation:

The First World War: The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by the terrorist Prinzip, a Jewish Freemason.

Léon de Poncins (11) notes that :

“Some authors have claimed that the war of 1914 was in fact a Jewish and Masonic war, perhaps triggered by them, or at least used by them, in order to achieve their objective. Indeed, they did benefit greatly from the Versailles Peace Treaty with the collapse of European monarchies, the democratisation of Europe, the break-up of Catholic Austria, the fact that financial power fell into Jewish hands, and the creation of the League of Nations, which had long been called for and heralded by the Jews and the Masonic lodges.”

We ought to touch upon the Sarajevo assassination, as it played a major role in the outbreak of the First World War. A high-ranking Swiss Freemason wrote a letter regarding the heir to the Austrian throne, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This letter was published on the 15 September 1912 by the Revue Internationale des Sociétés Secrètes, edited by Bishop Ernest Jouin:

“He is good, it’s a shame he is condemned”

“He will die on the steps to the throne” 

On the 28 June, 1914, the heir to the Austrian throne and his wife were killed in Sarajevo.

The eight assassins were all members of the Serbian Masonic group Narodna Odbrana, similar to the Italian Carbonari.

The minutes of the trial leave us in no doubt that they were Freemasons, as were the instigators. (3).

Regarding the First World War, the F.A. Lebey (12), one of the official bodies of French Freemasonry, claimed at the time that:

“The current campaign is the continuation of that started in 1789”

And at the Masonic conference, held in Lisbon on 13 May 1917, the Portuguese Grand Master, Magalhaes de Lima, proclaimed:

“The allied victory will be the triumph of Masonic principles”

Thus the massacre of 1914-18 merely served to continue the destruction of political structures which obstructed the path to the Universal Republic.

The Second World War: The assassination of the German diplomat, Ernst von Rath, carried out by a Jew, Herschell Grynzspan, on November 1938 in Paris, led to an intensification of the crackdown on Jews by the Germans, who were already infuriated by the declaration of war by the Jewish world, published on the front page of The Daily Express on 24 March 1933:  “Judea declares war on Germany”

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Swept along by the rage of cosmopolitan pro-war propaganda, England and France were led to declare war against Germany. All European countries were weakened by this war, both victors and vanquished alike. This war opened the path leading to the destruction of colonial empires in Africa and Asia, much in the same way as this had been done for the Spanish and Portuguese Catholic empires in America. This marked a new phase in the globalist conspiracy to weaken European nations.

It is in this way that the globalists use revolutions and world wars in their quest for the Universal Republic.

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Translated from French

The original author was Philippe Ploncard d’Assac

Source: La Maçonnerie, pp 181 – 194

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George Soros

The idea of a world without borders, with whole of mankind finally unified, is certainly not new. What is new, as we enter the third millennium, is that, for the first time in history, Westerners get the impression that the entire human race is resolutely committed to this process.

Hervé Ryssen

François-Xavier ROCHETTE, journalist for Rivarol magazine, gives his views on George Soros.

The Globalist Utopian

Following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the vast majority of patriots in the world applauded the dramatic demise of an anti-Christian Communist system which destroyed freedoms and killed the sovereignty of the countries under its rule.

The 1990s marked a turning point in the creation of a new world vision which came to be shared by the West and Eastern Europe, which was said to be liberated from tyranny. At first, there were two ways to see the future.

We had hoped for the rebirth of nations, a new lease of life for identities and the rejuvenation of cultural origins, the reestablishment of roots.  But it was a second way of seeing the new world which ruthlessly prevailed not only in politics but also everywhere in the world of culture.

In 1990, the modern media, as epitomised by the insufferable Anne Schwartz “Sinclair” on TF1, believed that the world was heading for a new age, the religion of the individual, and that it had entered the final stage of human development, the “end of history”, as Francis Fukuyama put it.

According to the official rhetoric during the 1990s, the world was becoming a sort of universal democracy, where nations had been demoted in favour of the individual, which could be likened to a painter in possession of an infinite palette of colours. This individual is (irrationally) insensitive to dereliction and is detached from all form of transcendence.

It’s this vision of the world, immediately criticised by Solzhenitsyn, which, ever since the collapse of the Berlin wall, has been forced upon entire populations, dazed by propaganda. It’s a world in which Communist messianism, the hope of a unified world in which there is no obvious master, has been replaced by the messianism of world government or, to put it another way, the will to force people to abandon their loyalty to their nation together with the relative trust that they still place in their respective states.

Anne Sinclair’s dream, and that of another Schwartz (the real surname of the two people in question here), George Soros, is that of a planet without nations, without states, without communities, without principles, without values.

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What they hope to see for the entire planet – their “planetary hopes”, to use the term coined by Hervé Ryssen, who has done an outstanding job of compiling and analysing evidence in this domain – is the disappearance of the white man, the family and all forms of allegiance. Any form of authority must disappear, too, and is to be replaced by a new form of religion, the religion of the “open society”, a theory constructed by the philosopher Karl Popper. Though Popper died in 1992, he remains the intellectual guru of the highly pernicious George Soros, who, despite being 86 years old, remains an active troublemaker in the world.

The neo-globalists are confident that tolerance of everybody and everything is the only rule which allow humans to live peacefully in a world without borders. This postulate requires that we accept an idea which is even more “challenging”. Or, rather there is a consequence that needs to be accepted or addressed. Soros does not conceal this need: the individual of the open society must discard rationality.

For Soros and his friends, this means that the individual not only has to tolerate all forms of madness, vice and perversion but that he must also completely abandon the quest for moral, philosophical and religious truth. And it would appear that Soros does, at least, adhere to this rule of irrationality, for it’s certainly true that his words and his actions fly in the face of the most elementary logic.

But should we not be suspicious of the image that this sinister character has created for himself? Who is this untouchable speculator who plays with nations and who is said to be a philanthropist?

One thing is certain: George Schwartz attempts to conceal his role in the system. His disguises are sometimes hilarious. Soros does not act alone. He is a man who has agreed to play a role to which he is totally committed. He is not the mastermind of a plot  but an agent among many others working to ensure the smooth running of what can only be described as being a globalist conspiracy.

The essential first step was to portray Soros as an impartial philanthropist, eager to create the open society everywhere, no matter what the price. Even in Israel where, according to his official biographers, Soros demands the government to be slightly kinder to the Palestinians. But this is just empty posturing.

Where are the hordes of immigrants, aided by the No Borders pressure group which is directly financed by Soros in France, Scandinavia, Germany and Holland? Where are the Femen in Israel? Are religious Jews also victims of the vicious acts committed by these idiotic girls who target our Catholic churches here in France? Where are the blasphemers in Israel?

In truth, Soros seeks uniquely the image of an anti-Zionist, an image maintained by the Zionist intelligence agencies, such as NGO Monitor (a highly subversive organisation where the wife of that rather suspicious German journalist works. This journalist just so happened to be present when the terrorist attack in Nice took place on 14 July and then, a few days later, was just 30 metres away from the Munich shopping centre, where another terrorist attack was carried out. Rather odd, wouldn’t you say?)

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So the chaos created by Soros and his billions cannot, according to commentators who lack an inquiring mind, be the result of action taken by Zionist agencies because he is described as being a terrible anti-Zionist “who doesn’t even have a house in Israel” (sic). But the fact remains that Israel remains untouched by attempts to impose an open society, which is characterised by the absence of nations and ethnic groups.

This brings us back to the incomparable Hervé Ryssen who, in his Espérances Planétariennes (Planetary Hopes), has compiled the statements made by George Soros concerning his Jewish origins. To say the very least, these statements temper any notion of Soros being a pure individualist, unattached to any particular community.

It is true that Ryssen identifies a statement, made by George Soros on page 43 of his book Le Défi de l’Argent, which could suggest that this individual is merely a cosmopolitan, eager to establish world-wide fraternity: “My father was an esperantist. It was thanks to the profits he had made from publishing an Esperanto newspaper that he came to run a portfolio of property assets. He is the only person I knew to have made a living from rental income. He managed to leave Hungary in 1956 and that’s when arrived in America.”

But Esperanto is a Jewish creation, a device designed to facilitate the creation of a unified world, a world to be ruled by the “chosen people”. On page 186 of the same book, Ryssen identifies a statement which proves this megalomania: “When I was a teenage boy, I dreamed of being a superman. I have already talked about my messianic urges…I am absolutely fascinated by history, which I have a deep desire to influence”

On page 115, Soros states: “I am proud to be Jewish. I believe in the idea of Jewish genius. You just have to look at the success that Jews have had in science, arts and in the economy. It’s the result of their efforts to transcend their minority status and accomplish something universal. Judaism is an essential component of my personality and, as I have said before, I am very proud of it. I am also conscious that my way of thinking partly promotes the Jewish utopian ideal. My foundations connect me to this tradition”.

But Soros goes further and asserts the fact that he is Jewish doesn’t merely influence his political choices but dictates them: “When see you the way in which the Jews react to persecution, you discover that they tend to look for one of two ways to escape. Either they transcend their problem by turning to something universal or they identify with their oppressors and try to become like them….I chose the first option. A third possibility is Zionism, the foundation of nation where Jews form the majority”.

The plot seems very clear. Weaken and discredit all nations, render governments obsolete, and destroy specific national characteristics.  In parallel, carry out other operations to protect the Zionist entity and accord it the status of a sanctuary. In short, and we must reiterate this point, Soros is not a demiurge despite his acute megalomania. He is a an agent of Zionism whose mission is to destroy the Christian world.

Soros strives to corrupt European societies. European Zionists, such as the vulgar Eric Zemmour, are considered to be patriots. But they advocate the Israeli solution to the problem of Islamic extremism in European societies (which for them is exactly the same as the Palestinian problem). “We should do the same thing as Moshe, it works over there”. We saw the results of this in Nice.

So we weren’t surprised by the latest Wikileaks revelations regarding the activities of George Soros. Many of the hacked documents concern financing the flood of immigrants into Europe.

Other documents reveal how large sums of money are invested in various organisations in order to “change the policy of the Catholic Church” (or rather what now masquerades as the Catholic Church). These documents prove that, in the spring of 2015, funds were granted “to obtain the public support of bishops for the Church to be open to the consideration of racial and economic issues, so as to create a critical mass of bishops who agree with the views of the pope.”

Basically, millions of euros have been scattered here and there in an effort to foment civil unrest. Soros perhaps hopes that, by creating friction, he will trigger a chain reaction, an explosion which will wipe out all the historical vestiges he hates.

For instance, we discover that he finances the organisations which defend the right to wear the famous “burkini”. On the other hand, Soros also finances organisations and policies to promote homosexuality, “transgenderism”, abortion (an industry which appears very important for Soros), pro-pornography campaigns and, in particular, gender theory. The hacked documents prove that these lunatic organisations collaborate with the French ministry of education, which has become just as insane.

What does all this mean? Why does this man of infinite tolerance, the advocate of the open society, finance projects with contradictory aims? What does this Schwartz want exactly? What could be more intolerable for Muslims than the fact that he grants them financial aid while simultaneously financing gender theory which turns little boys into little girls and vice versa? If an immensely wealthy man wanted to create permanent civil unrest within a given society, he couldn’t choose a better strategy. In any case, it appears that the cynicism of Soros, a mere henchman for the Rothschilds, is limitless.

A man who financially ruins nations through currency speculation, who financially brings companies and their employees to their knees by speculating on commodities, who pushes ethnic groups to kill each other while urging free nations to wage war, as he does close to Russia’s borders, must be an evil man if not a demon.

Article Translated from French

The author was François-Xavier ROCHETTE

Source: Rivarol (N°3249 — 15 SEPTEMBRE 2016)

Brexit and World Government

International finance is nomadic. After having blossomed in Holland (the “Dutch Jerusalem”), it migrated to the City of London in the second half of the 17th century, following an alliance concluded between the dictator Cromwell and the rabbi Menasseh ben Israël, leader of the Dutch Jewish-Marrano financial community.  The “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 imposed a new dynasty, while the creation of the Bank of England in 1694 allowed British imperialism, against a background of Talmudic messianism, to set out to conquer the treasures of this world.

Menasseh ben Israel’s petition to Oliver Cromwell

The USA, the fruit of British colonialism, gave birth to another financial hub: Wall Street. The epitome of late 19th century financial omnipotence, the highly biblical “street of the wall” maintained close ties with City bankers, who, as the work of Eustace Mullins* has revealed, formed an internal state in conjunction with the British Empire (the Commonwealth). The Federal Reserve, created in 1913 at the behest of powerful figures in banking (Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, Warburg), reinforced the all-powerful influence of this financial aristocracy.

This aristocracy moved to a higher level with creation of the Bank for International Settelements (BIS) in 1930. The BIS was created at the intiative of Hjalmar Schacht (1877-1970). Appointed president of the Reichsbank by Hitler in 1933, Schacht then served as his minister of economics between 1934 and 1937.

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Schacht, who was very closely linked to the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy, especially Montagu Norman, governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944, believed that there was a need to create a central bank for central banks.

Hjalmar Schacht

The BIS is the nucleus of international finance, bringing together the world’s financial elite. As the American historian Caroll Quigley put it:

The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world, acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.

Quigley, C.,  Tragedy and Hope (Macmillan, New York, 1974)  p. 324

This background allows us to understand that events following the Brexit referendum are not based on the ideal of protecting the interests of the British people. Rather these events reflect a strategy of financial and political reconfiguration by the international oligarchy, the leader of which is the City, working in conjunction with the secretive BIS.

China, despite having debt at an estimated 250% of GDP and catastrophic population growth, is the rising star of the world economy and is a firm favourite with the City, as are the world’s tax havens and the Commonwealth countries, especially now since the dollar’s days are numbered. The post-1945 world is being destroyed, and so the international oligarchy is repositioning itself for a world currency and world government.

The IMF’s decision to include the Yuan in its Special Drawing Right (SDR) currency basket (alongside the Dollar, the Euro, the Pound, and the Yen) is a prelude to the financial and political chaos both in Europe and the rest of the world, paving the way to a single world currency, the so-called Phoenix, which The Economist had called for in 1988.

The name of this world currency and the date of its appearance are of little importance. The fulfilment of these Babelian ambitions will be the final and crowning victory for a world government of bankers, the enemies of humanity.

*See Eustace Mullins, Secrets of the Federal Reserve:

See also:

Translated from French

The original author was Pierre Hillard

Source: Boulevard Voltaire,269801

Brexit victorious. And now what?

The victory for the supporters of Brexit, which was notably backed by the mutli-millionaire Paul Sykes, marks an important step in the distribution and adjustment of political and financial power within the framework of the forthcoming transatlantic market. The UK was already benefitting from a disguised Brexit – it had special rights within the EU – and is now merely officialising its separation from the EU.

In theory, the final structure of the project will be as follows. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, signed on the 4 February 2014, will bring Pacific Rim countries (with the exception of China) into the American trading block. Meanwhile, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) *, currently under negotiation, will enter into force, with the UK acting as a bridge between the Old and the New World, which is exactly what Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi + was already calling for in 1950 with his idea of the ‘Paneuropean Union’.

Within this framework, the US will play a role similar to that of a multiple plug socket, connecting the Pacific Rim with Europe. As it seeks to impose Anglo-Saxon standards, this trading block will be primus inter pares to the detriment of the BRICS countries, especially Russia and China.

This policy can only succeed through coercion and will unleash the most frenzied form of consumerism. It will mean that law courts take priority over nation-states. Those living in this immense free-trade zone will merely serve as instruments for the predatory elite who will form the future world government.

Woe betide those who are not adapted to the smooth functioning of the globalist Moloch, for they will be considered to be just “useless mouths to feed”…

This purely utilitarian vision will mean that money will govern everything or, to use one of Jacques Attali’s favourite phrases, money will act “like a superior method of organising human relations allowing the peaceful resolution of all conflicts, even religious ones”.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour The origin of this ideal can be traced back to the Freemason Anacharsis Cloots (1755-1794) who, in one of his works published in 1792, made it clear that the French Revolution of 1789 was a merely a step towards “the Universal Republic”. Ahead of his time, this nomadic soul advocated international free-trade within a unified world (“the single nation”), governed by “the universal application of the rights of man”. He foresaw a single, overarching policy for the whole world. We can see that this project is being finalised today with the implementation of the recommendations of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II), which aim for the creation of a universal religion (Noahidism).

But Brexit could be subject to several disruptions owing to the collapse of the American economy (the so-called ‘debt bomb’) and, let’s not forget, the 200 trillion dollars worth of world debt.

The world’s leaders (Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande…) are mere employees, not especially talented and liable to contradict themselves. The true world leaders are hidden in the deep state**. They form different factions, who, though they disagree on the means, all agree on the final goal. They can sometimes be led to change the way in which they establish a world government.

The Economist predicted a single world currency (the ‘Phoenix’) for 2018. The New York Times reveals that the US could be divided into seven mega-states within the framework of the North American Union, in liaison with other continental blocks (the Eurasian block, Union of South American Nations…). These are all different possible combinations which could lead to world government, while taking advantage of EU financial and political crises (further referendums, resurgence of regional independence movements, etc.) triggered by Brexit. The famous principal of ordo ab chao, extremely useful for moving to the next level of a grand project, could come to reveal its true meaning.

+ See also Pierre Hillard, Trilateral Commission: Working Towards World Government

* See also Adrien Abuzit, Transatlantic Market – When Conspiracy Theory becomes Reality,

** Wikispooks defines the deep state as follows: a state within a state, shadow government, or permanent government is a network of individuals and groups which are in actual charge of a national government. Many “democratically elected” governments work as fronts, providing a level of plausible deniability and allowing the deep state to operate in secret. On matters of deep political importance, the public machinery of government is routinely subverted by agents of the deep state. (See

Translated from French

The original author was Pierre Hillard

Source: Boulevard Voltaire,264389

“20 Good Reasons to be Anti-American”, by Martin Peltier

Book : Martin Peltier, 20 bonnes raisons d’être anti-américain (20 Good Reasons to be Anti-American), éditions Die, June 2015, 210 pages.

Some might object that this is just knee-jerk anti-Americanism. Besides the fact that this description would not bother the author in the slightest, his chapters are in fact packed with specific examples (for instance, on the impact of the Blum-Byrnes agreements on French cinema) and the chapter on the “Control of Images” (a key priority for the US, because this ensures that emotion triumphs over reason) as well as the chapter entitled “The American: from Imperial Communication to the Confusion of Thought” are highly informative.

Equally convincing, because they are all supported by facts from history and current events, are the chapters “America Spies on us and Misinforms the World” (a chapter which examines the fact the Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons’ arsenal did not exist as well as the recent massacre in Ferguson, a master-stroke of Obamian propaganda, deconstructed with precision in this chapter); “The NGOs – Agents of American Globalism”; and “The Judges, the New Kings of the World”, a chapter that owes a great deal to Eric Delcroix’s masterpiece, “Le Théâtre de Satan” (Satan’s Theatre), which shows the pollution and subversion of Roman and Germanic law by American legalism based on morality, a morality which is selective, biased and circumstantial, even though the First Amendment gives the illusion of complete freedom of expression.

This brings us to the chapter entitled “Against American Morality” and the education policy produced by the American way of thinking: this “education of separation”, currently favoured by our system, aims to “divide the different generations from one another” in order to prevent the natural transmission of cultural values from one generation to the next. The result of this form of education is that “a 60 year-old man is inevitably despised by the Balilla of the anti-racist movements (the “Vallaud Belkacem Youth”) if, despite the onslaught by the mass-media, he has managed to preserve his way of thinking that was given to him by his parents”.  According to the author, this explains the current crisis in the Front National  because “despite being wary, the Marine Le Pen generation is not untainted” by this contamination.

Martin Peltier, who dedicates his book to Marcel Aymé (an allusion to his book “Travelingue”) is not the first author to show the damage of the American way of life and, especially, the American way of thinking. Both the Hungarian Thomas Molnar (professor at the University of Colombia in New York) and Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his famous Harvard Commencement Address have higlighted the dangers of an alignment with the US. This has been condemned more recently by the academic and former Croatian diplomat, Tomislav Sunic, in his book Homo Americanus, a species which exists in infinite varieties from Bangok to Warsaw and which the author describes as being “the child of the postmodern age”.

Martin Peltier’s achievement is to describe the multifaceted nature of the phenomenon and to make a comprehensive assessment of the damage inflicted on our countries and on our relations with “the destitute of the world” (see chapter 8 “America Teaches Us How to Live Together” … by beating us with the big stick marked “feel guilty”, a technique which has proven successful in Germany).

Some will criticise him for his treatment of a highly controversial issue, the subservience of America to Jewish messianism, thus following the footsteps of the ill-fated Pierre-Antoine Cousteau and his book “Jewish America”. Does he not examine the “Jewish origins” of the US and the “Judeo-Masonic and Protestant collusion against Rome”?

But criticising him for this would be to forget that some of the US Founding Fathers were already wary of the “chosen people”. The historian Paul del Perugia, for instance, states in his “Louis XV” (Albatros 1976) that in the preliminary debates on the American Constitution, Benjamin Franklin had asked to prevent the Jews from entering the US. He received little support. If Cleopatra’s nose had been shorter and the voice of Benjamin Franklin had been louder, world history would have been totally changed. And perhaps Martin Peltier would never have embarked on his indictment…

Translated from French

The original author was Camille Galic

Source : Polemia


The Noose Tightens

“We will have a world government, I don’t know whether it will be before or after the Third World War, but we will have one”

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

This is the prediction of Jacques Attali, our cosmopolitan and planetary pundit, special adviser to all our former presidents.

As for world government, we have seen it actively spread its tentacles everywhere over several decades. It began in 1945 with the creation of the UN at the San Francisco conference, less than three months after the division of the world at the Yalta conference. The victors wasted no time, and the race for world domination began.

Behind its New York glass facade, the UN is the workshop of the New World Order which, under the pretext of ‘peace building’,  aims in reality to replace sovereign nation states with the fantasy of collective sovereignty. In other words, it aims to establish a divine global bureaucracy. This ‘world-building’ takes place step by step and is done before our very eyes. But because we lack an overall vision we only see the immediately discernible segments, and so we fail to see the connections between them. But if we to return to the history of events, it is easy to see where we are going and where it is taking us. Just one word defines our promised paradise: totalitarianism!

Bear in mind that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has legal and coercive means at its disposal to have entire nations vaccinated or to contain them by force on the mere presumption of an epidemic risk.

Likewise, the international super pressure-group, representing those who believe in the idea of man-made global warming, will hold its High Mass at enormous cost in Paris at the end of November. The objective will be to draft an international treaty which will limit global warming to 2 °C.

Climate change is undeniable. But it is easy to see what is lurking behind the ostensible aim of reducing everybody’s carbon footprint. Indeed, what is really being planned in the name of the common good and ecological salvation are new ways to enrich a few oligopolies, justify the introduction of new taxes and, even worse, reinforce the control of our industries and our private lives.

Without coming to any hasty conclusions, let’s just note that, while inland ice sheets are shrinking, this is not necessarily the case for the polar ice caps. In 2013, for example, the Arctic ice cap had increased by 60% during the summer, that is to say by 2 383 000 km2, which is equivalent in size to half of Europe! This is a spectacular recovery after the record melting in 2012 and comes six years after the BBC had announced that, in 2013 precisely, global warming would have completely wiped out the summer ice caps. This just goes to show the complexity of environmental phenomena, which are exploited in order to increase government interference in society with the ultimate aim of severely restricting people’s lives by the application of supranational laws.

As for the Third World War, it’s not something that will happen in the future as it has already started! In Syria, there are about forty different nationalities involved in the conflict. Indeed, by way of example, Chechen Islamic extremists fight side by side with Turkish-speaking Uighurs from the Asian Steppe. This explains why Russia intervened in Syria and why China is more vigilant. The world government is therefore making progress on two fronts:

  1. the establishment of a ‘Universal Republic’ via the UN and international policy forums
  2. the creation of a series of conflicts leading to a ‘ring of fire’ from the Sea of Japan to the Gulf of Guinea.

Translated from French

The original author was Jean-Michel Vernochet, a French writer and geopolitical analyst.

Source : Boulevard Voltaire,214919

Borders of Blood in the Middle East

A passage from Pierre Hillard’s book, The Irresistible March towards the New World Order (La marche irrésistible du nouvel ordre mondial)

The tensions and violence that have shaken the Middle East since the Israeli military intervention in Lebanon on the 12 July 2006, are merely the visible part of an enormous political, economic, religious and philosophical world programme.

The American occupation of Iraq in March 2005 launched a revolutionary project whose aim is to re-shape a vast geographical zone stretching from Morocco to Pakistan: the Greater Middle East. This name conceals a profound geographical reconfiguration which lies in store for these Muslim countries.

There are many theories and much speculation regarding the interntions of American and Israeli leaders. There are, however, some early indications permitting a solid interpretation of the current strategy. This is the focus of the following maps, calling for a geographical reconfiguration of the Middle East.

These maps (“BEFORE” – the situation in 2006 – and “AFTER” – situation following the reconfiguration) appeared in an article, published in an American military review (Armed Forces Journal) in June 2006, written by a retired lieutenant-colonel, Ralph Peters. From 1976, he quickly climbed the ranks in a mechanised infantry division and then, in 1980, went on to continue his career in military intelligence.

Author of a number of works on military strategy and international relations, Ralph Peters retired from the US army in 1999. But he remains in close contact with the US military as he is a member of the AFJ’s editorial board. This publication is just a small part of an empire in the American military press. Founded in 1863, this monthly review is aimed at American officers and deals with a wide range of subjects such as: military technology, logistics, strategy, military doctrine or tactics. In fact, the AFJ is controlled by a parent company whose publications are structured around three structures:

1) The Military Times Media Group which publishes : Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times et Marine Times.

2) The Defense News Media Group, an international group of defence reviews which publishes: Defense News, Armed Forces Journal (AFJ), Training and Simulation Journal, and C4ISR (intelligence, surveillance et reconnaissance).

3) The Federal Times, weekly newspaper dealing with new technology and financial issues.

Since the 1 August 1997, the Army Times Publishing Company has been a subsidiary of an even more powerful group, Gannett. Established in 1906 by Frank Gannett, this press and media empire publishes some 90 daily newspapers, the most famous of which are USA Today and USA Weekend, and controls 22 TV channels. Its activities also extend to the UK, where 17 dailies are under its control. The group generates colossal revenue, estimated at 7.6 billion dollars in 2005.

This introduction allows a better understanding of the environment in which the AFJ operates and of the importance of Ralph Peters work. Indeed, his proposals and calls for a radical change of Middle Eastern borders are clearly not just one man’s idle thoughts.

Numerous studies, calling for a review of national borders in the Middle East, have been launched within American military bodies and in various think-tanks.

As the map marked “AFTER” shows, the changes made to the borders are the result of a deliberate and careful analysis, the publication of which in a prestigious military review is no coincidence. The aim is also to gauge reactions, particularly those of the region’s Muslims. *

We must not regard this document, however, as being final. In fact it is a first draft, likely to be subject to various changes, which some term “adjustment variables”. In reality, the true interest of these documents is to demonstrate that the military, by no longer hesitating to make this fact officially known, is totally committed to a geographical area.

At the same time, this operation must be undertaken in accordance with Israel for whom this shake-up will have direct and immediate implications. Ralph Peters describes himself as an “old friend” of this country (New York Post, 22 July 2006).

* The aim of such a publication is to spark debate among the communities concerned. Inevitably, there will be supporters and opponents of such a reconfiguration. Opposition movements will emerge from the political parties and from the communities of Muslim countries. It will then be possible to put pressure on a particular ethnic or political group in order to encourage demands, which can only be met by the implementation of ethnic and regional policies. In fact, the disintegration of Middle Eastern nations mirrors that of European nations.

Translated from French

The original author was Pierre Hillard, former Professor of International Relations at ESCE, Paris, and author of numerous works on internationalism and the European Union.

Source: Cercle des Volontaires



Joseph Retinger

Who’s heard of Joseph Retinger?

Among the legends of the New World Order, certain unknown figures deserve a special mention. This is the case of an extraordinary individual whose work came to shape the entire future of the West, namely Joseph Retinger (Józef Hieronim Retinger), defined by some as being the “hidden father” of Europe.

As a young Polish emigrant in France he studied at the University of Sorbonne, with the financial support of the Count Zamyoski, a friend of his father’s family, and obtained a PhD in literature. In Paris, his contacts with the Polish intelligentsia in the beginning of the twentieth century allowed him to meet leading figures of French literature and politics.

His studies then took him to Germany and England, where he studied at the LSE. Created in 1895 by the Fabian Society, thanks to the support of Sidney and Beatrice Webb as well as the writer George Bernard Shaw, the LSE advocates the synthesis between the free market and the planned economy. Tony Blair’s “third way” is a pure product of this globalist model.

Representing the Polish National Council in London before 1914, his easy manner allowed him to forge durable ties with Lord Arthur Balfour, Lionel Curtis and Philip Kerr (followers of Cecil Rhodes), Chaim Weizmann (president of the World Zionist Organization and once president of Israel) and even Winston Churchill.

A true political acrobat, this internationalist spent the 1920s in Mexico. He helped in the promotion of Mexican politicians, such as Luis Negrete Morones and Plutarco Calles. The latter, President of Mexico, played a terrible role in the Cristero Rebellion (1926–1929).

On his return to England, just before the Second World War, he became the right-hand man of the Polish government in exile, led by General Sikorski who died in 1943 – somewhat conveniently – in an aeroplane crash in Gibraltar. Indeed, rumour had it that the General was determined to prove that it was in fact the Soviets and not the Nazis who had massacred polish officers at Katyń. Retinger, who always accompanied Sikorski on all his trips, was not with him on the day of the accident…

After the Second World War, Retinger’s defining moment took shape during his speech made on the 7 May 1946 at Chatham House, the British foreign policy think-tank created by his friend Lionel Curtis. In his speech, he defended the idea of European political unification. Everything follows logically from this. In 1946, he played an instrumental role of the European League of Economic Cooperation (ELEC), defined as “an intellectual pressure group”. Bringing together various industrial and financial leaders, the ELEC promoted a single currency and a single transport system, in order to establish a federal Europe. Benefitting from the help of national agencies, the ELEC in France was first led by Edmond Giscard d’Estaing, who signed the two Declarations of Atlantic Unity in 1954 and 1962.

Seeking to unite the different European federalist movements, Retinger organised the Hague Congress in 1948 under the leadership of Churchill. He thereby launched the process of European construction.

During this congress, the European Movement International (EMI) was created in October 1948, and was presided by Duncan Sandys, a relative of Churchill. This organisation played an important role in the creation of the European Council and the College of Europe. Retinger directed the movement as General Secretary and saw the creation in January 1949 of an Amercian sister organisation, the American Committe on a Unified Europe (ACUE). Amercian secret service leaders directed this committee: William Donovan (who signed the Declaration on Atlantic Unity in 1954), Alan Dulles and Thomas Braden. It should be noted that the ACUE played a vital role in the financing of the EMI.

Retinger then completed his work in 1954 with the creation of the Bilderberg Group, whose aim is to forge closer European and American ties. Joseph Retinger died in London from lung cancer in 1960. He leaves behind him a “body of work” which largely accounts for the current disintegration of nation states in the completion of the transatlantic market.

Translated from French

The original author was Pierre Hillard, former Professor of International Relations at ESCE in Paris and author of numerous works on world governement and the EU.

Source: Boulevard Voltaire,28785

Abnormal levels of trading just before the 9/11 attacks

Rarely seen, unusual levels of activity could suggest insider trading.

Six years after the attacks on the World Trade Centre, this is the disturbing conclusion of a recent study by Marc Chesney and Loriano Manchini, both professors at the University of Zurich.

The authors – one a derivatives specialist, the other an expert in econometrics – have worked on options, used to speculate on a fall in share price of the 20 major American companies, notably in the aeronautical industry and in the financial sector.

Their research compares transactions made between the 6 and the 10th of September 2001 with average recorded volumes over a long period (a decade for most companies).

The two researchers have, in addition, calculated the probability that several options in the same sector were subject to significant trading within several days.

“We tried to see if the recorded transactions of certain shares just before the attacks were typical. But we show that for certain companies such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Citigroup, Marsh & McLehnan, such transactions are statistically extremely rare, especially when compared to the volume of transactions observed for other companies such as Coca-Cola or Hewlett-Packard” explains Marc Chesney, former professor at HEC and the author of “Money laundering and the financing of terrorism” (published by Ellipses).

“For instance, 1,535 sales option contracts with a maturity date of October 2001, at a price of 30 dollars, had been traded for American Airlines on the 10th September, compared to a daily average of about 24 contracts over the previous three weeks. The fact that the market was in decline at the time is not sufficient to explain these surprising volumes.”

Huge gains

The authors also studied the returns for sales-options for an investor having bought options between the 6th and the 10th September.They state:

“For certain shares, the gains were enormous. For example, for investors having bought sales options in Citigroup with a maturity date of October 2001 could have gained more than 15 million dollars”


By comparing the data of trading volumes to that of returns, the authors conclude that “the probability of insider trading is high for American Airlines, United Airlines, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Citigroup et JP Morgan. This is not legal proof but the result of statistical research which demonstrates signs of irregularity.”

While it is true that this research is not the first report on the possibility of insider-trading linked to the attacks, it is disturbing news for the regulating bodies. Since September 2001, the SEC and other similar authorities, have taken an interest in unusual share trading before the attacks.

Article translated from French

The original author was Marina Alcaraz

Source: Les Echos—des-volumes-inhabituels-sur-les-options-peu-avant-l-attentat.htm#SxsjF3Epfmfwm6LA.99