New World Order Weapons

HAARP: A new weapon?

By Philippe Ploncard d’Assac

In La Politique N° 105 (and in N°108, June 2010), I’d remarked upon the uncanny speed with which the Americans intervened following the Haiti earthquake, as if they had been prepared for it, and I had made the connection to the possibility of using the HAARP system (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) to trigger earthquakes.

The question I’d asked was:

Is this science fiction ?

“Perhaps, but in this age of the globalist conspiracy, the aim of which is to impose a dictatorship at all costs, anything is possible.”

Today Japan is on its knees because of the Sichuan earthquake, the resulting tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Thus, the report written by the north Russian fleet, according to which “the Haiti disaster was probably triggered by the US testing weapons which simulate the effect of an earthquake”, gains yet more credibility.

Especially as this report stated that this “weapon was tested” with the view to “using it against Iran.”

If Iran’s nuclear facilities, buried deep underground, were destroyed in an “earthquake”, nobody would have reason to ask questions!

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, condemned “a deliberate attempt to trigger an earthquake”, a statement which appeared sufficiently founded for Fox News and Russia Today to relay this. In addition, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia demanded that the “UN Security Council be urgently summoned to investigate the charges”

As early as the 1990s, 90 members of the Russian parliament had issued a press release condemning American plans to create “new geophysical weapons which could influence the terrestrial environment by using high frequency radio waves”

If these types of weapons exist, could they be the cause of the earthquake which brought Japan to its knees? Is this not a warning to economic competitors or other countries insufficiently submissive to the New World Order?

It is odd that, for no apparent reason, January 2011 saw the death of thousands of birds, tens of thousands of crabs and hundreds of sea lions, whales, etc. in different parts of the world…

Could the desire for world domination go so far as “state crimes”, as with the September 11 attacks, in order to control any rebellious tendencies?

We believe so, for if the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense, the US Air-Force and the US Navy provides finance for projects, it is not to grow corn, even if it is genetically modified…!

Thus, we ought to take seriously this warning from the website Le projet HAARP:

“The HAARP project has absolutely incredible potential and few people in the world are aware of the profound revolution in systems of control which, in the future, will be used by an elite, whose dream is to control the whole of humanity”

Indeed, this technology can :

  • disrupt the communication systems of satellites
  • change, intercept and control the trajectory of enemy missiles
  • change the weather in given zones (so floods, drought or wildfires, as we saw in Russia this summer, could be programmed)
  • alter the functioning of the brain by electromagnetic radiation
  • scramble navigation and communication systems of civil and military aircraft
  • carry out topographical surveys to locate weapons manufacturers and laboratories
  • trigger earthquakes, etc.

As for the Ionospheric Research Instrument, the next system to be developed, it will be ten times more powerful.

Are these research programmes part of the globalist programme?

They could well correspond to Kabbalastic symbolism – an example of this being the moto “ordo ab chao” inscribed on the dollar bill – cherished by Luciferian secret societies.

In an article entitled “New World Order weapons, have the ability to trigger climate change”, Michel Chossudovsky, economics professor at the University of Ottawa and author of The Globalization of Poverty, notes that:

“From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction. Potentially, it constitutes an instrument of conquest capable of selectively destabilising agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions.”

World renowned scientist Rosalie Bertell confirms that: “American military scientists are working on weather systems as a potential weapon”.

This confirms what the globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in 1970:

“Technology will make available to the leaders of the major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised.”

Likewise, in Les armes de l’ombre, Marc Filterman, a French army officer, alludes to different types of non-conventional weapons, using radio waves, and “metrological wars”.

The scientific researcher and anti-HAARP campaigner Dr Nick Begich is of the same opinion.

In February 1998, Maj-Britt Theorin, a Swedish Social Democrat MEP, questioned the European Parliament on the HAARP issue, but the commission set up for this purpose declared that it did not have the authority to separate environmental issues from those of defence, “Brussels looking to avoid problems with Washington…”

The problem is that those wishing to play God could see their experiments blow up in their faces. A number of unexplained natural disasters have struck the US of late.

It is perhaps in this way that the paranoia of messianic globalism will trigger the Apocalypse.

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Tragedy at Fukushima. A Zionist Crime ?

By Philippe Ploncard d’Assac

In an article which appeared in Rivarol (25/11/11), Michèle Favard-Jirard cites the various sources, according to which the earthquake and the tsunami alone were insufficient to explain the subsequent chain reaction of catastrophes.

As she explains :

“According to certain US intelligence sources, the explosions which shook the Fukushima N°1 nuclear power plant were due to the presence of nuclear warheads, which had been stolen from a nuclear weapons storage facility in the US”

Confirmation of this comes with an article written by a Japanese journalist based in Hong Kong, Yoichi Shimatsu, who blames a secret collaboration between the Americans and the Israelis.

Allegedly, the incident could be traced back to the Japanese prime minister in 2006, Shinzō Abe, who had sought to obtain the nuclear bomb for Japan.

The Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, carried the following story on 27 September 2007:

“Yesterday, we learnt that the government and the utility companies have begun talks with Russia.”

“If Washington refuses the nuclearisation of Japan, Tokyo will turn to Moscow” 

This was an allusion to the Pentagon’s opposition to Japan becoming a nuclear power.

And yet, according to Yoichi Shimatsu, the nuclear material “was authorised by the Americans at the highest level of government, in accordance with a trilateral agreement between the Bush-Cheney team, Ehud Olmert’s Israeli government and the Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe”

What happened next is strange.

The required nuclear material was stolen from BWXT Pantex plant in Amarillo, Texas. Sixteen tonnes of nuclear warheads were placed in refrigerated containers, to avoid the risk of nuclear fission, and were transported to Houston port, where they were loaded onto ships belonging to an Israeli company…

Then a member of the CIA, Roland Vincent Carnaby, an inspector at the port who had apparently detected that the cargo was radioactive, was killed while he chased a car driven by Israelis !

It is odd that his contract linked him to an Israeli company, Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering

Everything about this affair is suspicious, beginning with the secret agreement between the Americans, the Israelis and the Japanese.

Yoichi Shimatsu points out that:

“Playing the role of brokers, the Israelis were quick to ask Tokyo for additional fees and, to add insult to injury, had the nerve, before delivery, to swap the warheads with depleted ones, which therefore needed to be enriched.”

When the scam was discovered by the Japanese, they had no other choice but to enrich the uranium cores at Fukushima.

The Japanese demanded to be reimbursed by the Israelis, who refused. This led to reprisals: the Japanese lent their support to the Palestinians at the UN.

It is at this point that the tragedy begins.

To avenge Japanese support for the Palestinians, Mossad had apparently infected the Japanese nuclear plants with Stuxnet, a computer virus which had been deployed in the Iranian nuclear plants 2010. (1)

The Japanese firewall systems resisted the virus until the Tohuku earthquake. The resulting power cut disrupted the control system, removing the firewall.

When the power was reestablished, Stuxnet was activated, disabling the emergency generators.

Thus, for the twenty minutes between the earthquake and the tsunami, the valves and the pumps were disabled. As a result, the water cooling system was cut off.

The overheating in the reactor core would have thus triggered the explosions, which were intensified by two unforeseen external factors:

  • The activation of the virus, which shutdown the safety systems
  • The presence of military nuclear warheads, which needed to be enriched, following the Israeli scam.

We are thus lead to believe that the delivery of this nuclear material to Japan was a trap prepared by the Israelis and the Americans in order to prevent the Japanese from obtaining the nuclear bomb.

The Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu concludes :

“The International Criminal Court has sufficient proof to initiate proceedings related to the health of millions of Japanese, Candians, Americans, Russians, Koreans, Chinese.”

There has been total silence following these revelations. Why?!

(1) Laurent Heslault – Cyber-espionnage pour cyber-sabotage, on France 24.

Translated from French

The original author was Philippe Ploncard d’Assac












Is the French Foreign Office more Atlanticist than the White House?

Bashar al-Assad’s return to American calculations puts France once again in an absurd position. Although Jennifer Psaki denies it, both John Brennan, head of the CIA, and John Kerry, the Secretary of State, have called for Assad and his regime to be included in any resolution to the Syrian crisis. This is merely a statement of the obvious as, five years into the civil war, Assad’s troops control more than half the population while a large proportion of the rest of the population is under the control of ISIS.

Romain Nadal, spokesman for the French Foreign Office, immediately reacted by saying that “It is clear to us that Bachar al-Assad cannot fit within such a framework”. Since 2011, the French position has been fixed on the Alawite leader’s departure. As with the Iranian issue, the rigidity of the French Foreign Office continues.

After the Chirac-Villepin years and the Atlanticist shift of the Sarkozy government that followed, we could have expected a return to fundementals on the part of the Socialist government. For five years, the Socialists had criticised this sudden shift in foreign policy made by the Sarkozy-Kouchner duo.

In 2007, Henri Emmanuelli, had entitled one of his articles “Alignment: the new focus of French foreign policy”. Pierre Moscovici had criticised “a neo-liberal and a neo-Bonapartist foreign policy”. In 2008, François Hollande had called for a vote of no-confidence against France’s return to the NATO military committee. Martine Aubry in 2009 believed that “nothing justifies that we back the US, which would deny our freedom and align us with their policies”. Laurent Fabius himself had warned that “We are a bridge between East and West, South and North. That bridge will be destroyed”.

Despite the change in French government in 2012, there was no change in the position on the Middle East. It was just the opposite, in fact.

If today France seems to be returning to a form of non-alignment “an ally, not aligned”, according to the phrase, it is against the very thing that made French foreign policy original ever since General de Gaulle. France today is more belligerent than ever before. Even more so than America. Just as George Bush had dreamed of creating a new Middle East from the ashes of the Saddam regime, France wants to eliminate all trace of Syrian history. So much so that France seems more Atlanticist than even the Obama government.

“But in any event, France is an independant country and our foreign policy as regards the apalling events in Syria has not changed”, claims Laurent Fabius. The head of French diplomacy probably believes that his voice is a singular one. But in fact he is aligned with the Republican hawks and the Democratic Party. Regarding Syria and Iran, François Hollande is in tune with John McCain. At the same time, he visits Saudi Arabia where he secures lucrative contracts. But he is very careful not to ask for more details on the ambiguous links between Ryad and ISIS.

Moreover, Paris obstinately refuses to bomb ISIS in Syria. The government berated a group of MPs from both the right and the left who went to visit Damas in order to witness the situation. Laurent Fabius had the audacity to say to his an American counterpart “Any other solution which would put Bashar al-Assad back in office would be a totally outrageuos and fantastic gift to the ISIS terrorists”. But who can believe that ISIS and Bashar are partners when they fight each other ruthlessly in the suburbs of Deir Ez-Or? Who’s been bombing the Kurds with chlorine bombs these few weeks?

François Hollande and Laurent Fabius, with their proxy-war in Syria, have put France in an ultra-Atlanticist position along side Britain. So much so they embarrass Wahsington…

22 July 2015

Translated from French

The orignal author was Hadrien Desuin, a journalist who writes for the French magazines Causeur and Conflits. He graduated from the elite French Military College, Saint-Cyr, and the Officers Training College for the national gendarmarie, and holds a masters degree in strategy and international relations.