Freemasonry – 300 Years of Deception

Extracts from Johan Livernette’s new book, La Franc-Maçonnerie, 300 Ans D’Imposture (Freemasonry, 300 Years of Deception)

Chapter I – Introduction

Freemasons talk about: virtues, whereas their esotericism is very far from virtuous; truth, whereas their ‘free thinking’ amounts to its denial; homeland, whereas their only homeland is the Republic, an anti-France, homeland to the foreigner; human progress and fraternity, whereas, ever since they have taken control, humanity has never seen so much injustice and so many conflicts. We could continue in this way with all the terms used by this sect, terms which are often devoid of meaning and contradicted by the facts.

Chapter XI

Most major world events since 1789 are explained by the Talmudic-Masonic conspiracy […] Official history has its shameless black-holes, its lies by omission and its forgotten truths. It is important to bring these to light.

Chapter IV – The Origins of Freemasonry

During the first half of the twentieth century, the Jewish author James Darmesteter made some telling revelations. With great candour, he wrote the truth about Judeo-Masonry,  a truth that should be known by all:

“For more than five hundred years, Freemasonry has been the main weapon of the Jews. What is Freemasonry? It is an army of mercenaries – or, more to the point, traitors and slaves – which the Jewish people raises in order to help them revolutionise all nations for their own personal gain and, ultimately, enslave them.

Freemasonry is entirely Jewish. The unfortunate European, American, Asian or African brought into the Masonic lodge is constantly told about the Jewish people: Hiram, the Jew whose death he must avenge; the Jew Salomon, whose temple he must rebuild; the Siege of Babylon, which has nothing to do with him; how Ahasuerus made Mordecai his prime minister; Abraham, Judith, Esther, the fountain of Siloam, Zerubbabel, Adonai, the past, present and future of Israel are forever ringing in his ears. If the freemason were to study the symbolism, the ceremonies, the clothes, the layout of the lodges, all this would tell him about the Jews, his masters, as of a wretched slave in his master’s house. According to the masters, the two columns flanking the entrance to the lodge, Jachin and Boaz, represent Israel and Judah, the union of the two kingdoms.

The religious aim of this sect: the destruction of Christianity and all other religions, save for the occult. Is this not what is ordained by the Kabbalist rabbis ? Renounce Christ, stamp on the cross, profane the bread of the holy communion: these ideas form the religious foundation of Freemasonry […]

The political goal of this sect is to destroy emperors, kings and borders in order to establish a unique, unlimited and universal government. This has been the goal of Israel for three thousand years! The masonic sect is Jewish in sprit. Jean-Marie Ragon de Bettignies tells us that Freemasonry has no nation:  it is cosmopolitan (just like the Jewish people); it is neither French, nor Scottish, nor American (just like the Jewish people); it is universal (the Jewish people, are they not universal?). It has many agencies but just one focus (the Jewish people). And all the writers belonging to the sect use the same language.

So it is that Israel conquers our homelands with its army of mercenaries (the freemasons), which it has been raising ever since it conquered the Knights Templar. Where reform was necessary, it instigated revolution. It has everywhere sparked religious persecution, civil war and numerous conflicts abroad. The Great Sanhedrin was well aware that, in order to control the world, it had to sow discord. And via Freemasonry it has cast a tragic shadow over Europe and still maintains division in the world.”  (1)

Given a testimony of this nature, how can it be denied that Freemasonry is a Jewish sect? How can we even doubt that it opposes the Catholic Church? How can we ignore its plot to subvert nations for the benefit of Israel? How can we rule out the notion that it is the source of all our major social problems?

(1)  James Darmesteter, Les prophètes d’Israël.

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Chapter VIII – Mistaken Beliefs

The Republic is said to be united and indivisible, whereas it never will be and it never was. It claims to be anti-communitarian, whereas it promotes one community at the expense of others. Since freemasonry follows the example of Talmudic Judaism, the Republic is self-contradictory. It does one thing and then the opposite. Ultimately, the Republic is Talmudic-Masonic by nature. It is lost in its contradictions, its incoherence and its lies. It is incapable of being credible for one single second and confirms its unflattering nickname, the “trollop”. And yet, despite its catastrophic track-record and the serial acts of treason committed by its leaders, the Republic manages somehow to survive, by using all conceivable forms of democratic and media subterfuge. This led Anatole France to say, logically, that “the Republic governs badly but defends itself well”.

Chapitre XII – Conclusion

This is the plan of the secret oligarchs of globalism, the creators of catastrophes and architects of chaos, who, in the name of Talmudic messianism, call for the New World Order, which they pursue with great zeal: unite the human race under the same banner, the Universal Republic, and under the same ecumenical religion; reduce man to his animal state, a mere depressive consumer. This will be done after having previously: dissolved nation-states by means of supra-national powers; ruined and dominated nations; wiped out all notion of homeland; demolished the old order in order to leave not a single trace of true Christianity in the world; and removed all economic and social barriers in favour of the free market. The ultimate aim being the creation of the global village, governed from Israel by the Judeo-Masonry, which constitutes the satanic opposition to the Church…

Translated from French

The original author was Johan Livernette


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