Clash of Civilisations Strategy

Maintaining the domination of France by means of the Clash of Civilisations Strategy

By Youssef Hindi



Given a context in which geopolitical forces oppose the Euro-Atlanticist block, historically recognised as the product of Judeo-Protestantism and the Anglo-American alliance, it is vital for the agents of Zionism to prevent France from joining an alliance comprising Russia, the major Christian power, and Muslim countries together with Muslim organisations (Iran, Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah…). I have already explained on several occasions how American Zionism, via Henry Kissinger’s strategy, has attempted to separate Russia from its Middle Eastern allies (chiefly Iran) to the benefit of Israel. So far, Vladimir Putin has not fallen into this trap.

Confined purely to France, this strategy breaks down as follows:

Since the atheist and secular Republic is now deprived of Catholicism, in opposition to which it was constructed, it is currently using Islam as an opponent in order to regenerate itself. In the context of a French nationalist backlash, immigrants (the majority of whom are Muslim) are to play the role of those excluded* from the history of the Republic and the construction of modern French identity, in order to act as a shield for the Jewish community (whose leaders recall the events of the 1890s and 1930s). By maintaining the Republic, the idea is to include the Jews of France in a national alliance with the ancestral French. The identity of this alliance is defined in opposition to Muslims, excluded owing to the Republic’s secularism. Indeed, it would be a catastrophe for the Republic and the Zionist movement in France if the Catholics (traditionally opposed to Judaism and republicanism) and the Muslims (fundamentally opposed to Israel and Zionism) were to form an alliance.

Preventing the Republic from collapsing on those who have taken it hostage, this is the role of those who implement the “clash of civilisations” strategy in France.


*In the days of Catholic France, this role was chiefly played by Jews, Protestants and Freemasons.

Translated from French




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