Anti-Conspiracy Theory Idiots

A Weapon to Kill the Truth

We assumed that school should focus on basic learning and providing quality education in order to ensure equal opportunities. We were wrong! The priority is in fact the fight against the conspiracy theorists, the so-called “conspis”. For months now, teachers have received endless emails to convince them of the urgency of this new priority.

But why such determination? The answer to this is given by the internet site, which published official documents showing that “government authorities” were disturbed by the proliferation of “conspiracy theories”, following the 2015 terrorist attacks. What’s more it appears that stories, which “paid little attention to facts”, were spread on the internet.

In the text, we mainly find platitudes on the importance of “deconstructing conspiracy theories” and of putting “the world of conspiracy theory into perspective”. Two specific cases are then cited as examples. First, we have the story of the “Illuminati”, and then the “reptilians”. In other words, nonsense, tall stories invented for somewhat brainless “new age” teenagers, but nothing worth making a fuss over. Looking at these examples, we wonder why the government is wasting so much energy.

But then things get interesting. The fact that the 2015 terrorist attacks had been mentioned had, of course, already roused our suspicions. Indeed, by continuing to read the official documents, we discover what’s really going on. Aside from the reptilians and the Illuminati, a third idea, deemed to be conspiracy theory, is cunningly slid in at the end of the text, where we read “66% of the respondents to the survey still consider that certain facts about the New York attacks were hidden”.

How shocking ! Two thirds of Americans do not believe the official version of the 9 /11 terrorist attacks. They believe that their leaders are not telling them the truth.  So the anti-conspiracy theory idiots have reduced scepticism about 9/11 to the same level as a moronic belief in reptilians. These impostors have put critical reasoning on the same level as a ludicrous fairytale.

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US Congress has just approved a law allowing families, whose relatives were killed in the twin tower attacks, to sue Saudi Arabia. It appears that it didn’t consult the brilliant minds who hunt the “conspis”, while Manuel Valls supplies weapons to the supporters of terrorism.

Let’s be clear. “Conspiracy theory” does not exist. It’s a monumental hoax. It’s a scheme which aims to discredit critical reasoning in international relations. It’s a means of intimidation which aims to paralyse public opinion by making people believe that some ideas are criminal and that we must dismiss them at the outset without any further scrutiny. For these ideas are inconvenient and escape the control of the international oligarchy, whose henchmen are the anti-conspiracy theorists. Anti-conspiracy theory is the new tool of establishment thought and is a way of disguising the intellectual incompetence of the new generation of censors.

Article Translated from French

The original author was Bruno Guigue, a political analyst and author, whose works include Les raisons de l’esclavage (L’Harmattan, 2001) et Aux origines du conflit israélo-arabe, l’invisible remords de l’Occident, (L’Harmattan, 2002).

Source: Arrêt sur Info


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