Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States by the American people, contrary to the majority of polls predicting a victory for Hillary Clinton, the establishment candidate.

This victory, which was only a surprise for the mainstream media system and for those who still give it credence, is a terrific lesson in hope given by the American people to all those who fight against globalism and world domination by the predatory class.

For the first time in modern history, a candidate condemning media manipulation and the system of corruption put in place by the globalist elite, has managed to prevail within a political system which had been created precisely in order to prevent such an event from ever happening.

This victory not only marks the ideological defeat of globalism but also that of its media system, whose mission is to impose a parallel universe in which any rational choice against the interests of the predatory class is impossible. The truck loads of polls commissioned by pro-Clinton TV channels (CNN, CNBC and ABC), aiming to convince the American people of the inevitable victory of their chosen candidate, were proven wrong, as was the case with Brexit.

Broadly speaking, the entire parallel universe constructed by the main-stream media has been shattered. Trump’s victory thus marks the fact that the American people have woken up to several facts: the collusion between the media and politicians; the system of corruption established by the international elite; the influence of George Soros and the Wahhabi principalities on the American political system; and, more generally, the fact that there is a caste of worldwide predators which actively works to maintain and consolidate its privileges contrary to the interests of people and nations, and does so via a vast system of corruption and collusion, of which the media machine forms an essential component.

Trump’s victory proves that the majority of American voters support anti-globalist views which hitherto could only be found in the independent press and media, dismissed as being pro “conspiracy theory”, and signals the defeat of a system of media approval: it marks the victory of Infowars against CNN and the New York Times.

In this sense, this victory gives great hope to all those in Europe and elsewhere who struggle to inform people honestly. It also represents real hope for all those independent journalists, constantly attacked and criticised, who condemn: political and geopolitical fraud; the false fight against terrorism; neo-colonial invasions in Ukraine, Libya and Syria; and the collusion between the political system and the mainstream media.

Donald Trump’s election is the sign that the American people have chosen to wake up and see the truth, despite the fiction fabricated and promulgated by the mainstream media. It shows that they have chosen to regain control of their destiny at a national level by recovering its political and economic sovereignty.

It remains to be seen, however, if Donald Trump has the political means to keep the promises he made during his campaign and to put an end to globalisation and the corruption of the establishment system. His programme is seen as a declaration of war by the predatory caste, because it directly and openly attacks their interests. He himself defines his programme as being a real revolution.

Even if Donald Trump benefited from the support of some members of the “Deep State” and the intelligence services during his campaign against Hillary Clinton, nothing indicates that he is capable of defeating a system of collusion which has infiltrated all departments, the whole of the media system and which represents the interests of the majority of multinational companies. The hardest battle, then, has yet to come…

Article Translated from French

The original author was Guillaume Borel, political anlayst and author.




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