George Soros

The idea of a world without borders, with whole of mankind finally unified, is certainly not new. What is new, as we enter the third millennium, is that, for the first time in history, Westerners get the impression that the entire human race is resolutely committed to this process.

Hervé Ryssen

François-Xavier ROCHETTE, journalist for Rivarol magazine, gives his views on George Soros.

The Globalist Utopian

Following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the vast majority of patriots in the world applauded the dramatic demise of an anti-Christian Communist system which destroyed freedoms and killed the sovereignty of the countries under its rule.

The 1990s marked a turning point in the creation of a new world vision which came to be shared by the West and Eastern Europe, which was said to be liberated from tyranny. At first, there were two ways to see the future.

We had hoped for the rebirth of nations, a new lease of life for identities and the rejuvenation of cultural origins, the reestablishment of roots.  But it was a second way of seeing the new world which ruthlessly prevailed not only in politics but also everywhere in the world of culture.

In 1990, the modern media, as epitomised by the insufferable Anne Schwartz “Sinclair” on TF1, believed that the world was heading for a new age, the religion of the individual, and that it had entered the final stage of human development, the “end of history”, as Francis Fukuyama put it.

According to the official rhetoric during the 1990s, the world was becoming a sort of universal democracy, where nations had been demoted in favour of the individual, which could be likened to a painter in possession of an infinite palette of colours. This individual is (irrationally) insensitive to dereliction and is detached from all form of transcendence.

It’s this vision of the world, immediately criticised by Solzhenitsyn, which, ever since the collapse of the Berlin wall, has been forced upon entire populations, dazed by propaganda. It’s a world in which Communist messianism, the hope of a unified world in which there is no obvious master, has been replaced by the messianism of world government or, to put it another way, the will to force people to abandon their loyalty to their nation together with the relative trust that they still place in their respective states.

Anne Sinclair’s dream, and that of another Schwartz (the real surname of the two people in question here), George Soros, is that of a planet without nations, without states, without communities, without principles, without values.

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What they hope to see for the entire planet – their “planetary hopes”, to use the term coined by Hervé Ryssen, who has done an outstanding job of compiling and analysing evidence in this domain – is the disappearance of the white man, the family and all forms of allegiance. Any form of authority must disappear, too, and is to be replaced by a new form of religion, the religion of the “open society”, a theory constructed by the philosopher Karl Popper. Though Popper died in 1992, he remains the intellectual guru of the highly pernicious George Soros, who, despite being 86 years old, remains an active troublemaker in the world.

The neo-globalists are confident that tolerance of everybody and everything is the only rule which allow humans to live peacefully in a world without borders. This postulate requires that we accept an idea which is even more “challenging”. Or, rather there is a consequence that needs to be accepted or addressed. Soros does not conceal this need: the individual of the open society must discard rationality.

For Soros and his friends, this means that the individual not only has to tolerate all forms of madness, vice and perversion but that he must also completely abandon the quest for moral, philosophical and religious truth. And it would appear that Soros does, at least, adhere to this rule of irrationality, for it’s certainly true that his words and his actions fly in the face of the most elementary logic.

But should we not be suspicious of the image that this sinister character has created for himself? Who is this untouchable speculator who plays with nations and who is said to be a philanthropist?

One thing is certain: George Schwartz attempts to conceal his role in the system. His disguises are sometimes hilarious. Soros does not act alone. He is a man who has agreed to play a role to which he is totally committed. He is not the mastermind of a plot  but an agent among many others working to ensure the smooth running of what can only be described as being a globalist conspiracy.

The essential first step was to portray Soros as an impartial philanthropist, eager to create the open society everywhere, no matter what the price. Even in Israel where, according to his official biographers, Soros demands the government to be slightly kinder to the Palestinians. But this is just empty posturing.

Where are the hordes of immigrants, aided by the No Borders pressure group which is directly financed by Soros in France, Scandinavia, Germany and Holland? Where are the Femen in Israel? Are religious Jews also victims of the vicious acts committed by these idiotic girls who target our Catholic churches here in France? Where are the blasphemers in Israel?

In truth, Soros seeks uniquely the image of an anti-Zionist, an image maintained by the Zionist intelligence agencies, such as NGO Monitor (a highly subversive organisation where the wife of that rather suspicious German journalist works. This journalist just so happened to be present when the terrorist attack in Nice took place on 14 July and then, a few days later, was just 30 metres away from the Munich shopping centre, where another terrorist attack was carried out. Rather odd, wouldn’t you say?)

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So the chaos created by Soros and his billions cannot, according to commentators who lack an inquiring mind, be the result of action taken by Zionist agencies because he is described as being a terrible anti-Zionist “who doesn’t even have a house in Israel” (sic). But the fact remains that Israel remains untouched by attempts to impose an open society, which is characterised by the absence of nations and ethnic groups.

This brings us back to the incomparable Hervé Ryssen who, in his Espérances Planétariennes (Planetary Hopes), has compiled the statements made by George Soros concerning his Jewish origins. To say the very least, these statements temper any notion of Soros being a pure individualist, unattached to any particular community.

It is true that Ryssen identifies a statement, made by George Soros on page 43 of his book Le Défi de l’Argent, which could suggest that this individual is merely a cosmopolitan, eager to establish world-wide fraternity: “My father was an esperantist. It was thanks to the profits he had made from publishing an Esperanto newspaper that he came to run a portfolio of property assets. He is the only person I knew to have made a living from rental income. He managed to leave Hungary in 1956 and that’s when arrived in America.”

But Esperanto is a Jewish creation, a device designed to facilitate the creation of a unified world, a world to be ruled by the “chosen people”. On page 186 of the same book, Ryssen identifies a statement which proves this megalomania: “When I was a teenage boy, I dreamed of being a superman. I have already talked about my messianic urges…I am absolutely fascinated by history, which I have a deep desire to influence”

On page 115, Soros states: “I am proud to be Jewish. I believe in the idea of Jewish genius. You just have to look at the success that Jews have had in science, arts and in the economy. It’s the result of their efforts to transcend their minority status and accomplish something universal. Judaism is an essential component of my personality and, as I have said before, I am very proud of it. I am also conscious that my way of thinking partly promotes the Jewish utopian ideal. My foundations connect me to this tradition”.

But Soros goes further and asserts the fact that he is Jewish doesn’t merely influence his political choices but dictates them: “When see you the way in which the Jews react to persecution, you discover that they tend to look for one of two ways to escape. Either they transcend their problem by turning to something universal or they identify with their oppressors and try to become like them….I chose the first option. A third possibility is Zionism, the foundation of nation where Jews form the majority”.

The plot seems very clear. Weaken and discredit all nations, render governments obsolete, and destroy specific national characteristics.  In parallel, carry out other operations to protect the Zionist entity and accord it the status of a sanctuary. In short, and we must reiterate this point, Soros is not a demiurge despite his acute megalomania. He is a an agent of Zionism whose mission is to destroy the Christian world.

Soros strives to corrupt European societies. European Zionists, such as the vulgar Eric Zemmour, are considered to be patriots. But they advocate the Israeli solution to the problem of Islamic extremism in European societies (which for them is exactly the same as the Palestinian problem). “We should do the same thing as Moshe, it works over there”. We saw the results of this in Nice.

So we weren’t surprised by the latest Wikileaks revelations regarding the activities of George Soros. Many of the hacked documents concern financing the flood of immigrants into Europe.

Other documents reveal how large sums of money are invested in various organisations in order to “change the policy of the Catholic Church” (or rather what now masquerades as the Catholic Church). These documents prove that, in the spring of 2015, funds were granted “to obtain the public support of bishops for the Church to be open to the consideration of racial and economic issues, so as to create a critical mass of bishops who agree with the views of the pope.”

Basically, millions of euros have been scattered here and there in an effort to foment civil unrest. Soros perhaps hopes that, by creating friction, he will trigger a chain reaction, an explosion which will wipe out all the historical vestiges he hates.

For instance, we discover that he finances the organisations which defend the right to wear the famous “burkini”. On the other hand, Soros also finances organisations and policies to promote homosexuality, “transgenderism”, abortion (an industry which appears very important for Soros), pro-pornography campaigns and, in particular, gender theory. The hacked documents prove that these lunatic organisations collaborate with the French ministry of education, which has become just as insane.

What does all this mean? Why does this man of infinite tolerance, the advocate of the open society, finance projects with contradictory aims? What does this Schwartz want exactly? What could be more intolerable for Muslims than the fact that he grants them financial aid while simultaneously financing gender theory which turns little boys into little girls and vice versa? If an immensely wealthy man wanted to create permanent civil unrest within a given society, he couldn’t choose a better strategy. In any case, it appears that the cynicism of Soros, a mere henchman for the Rothschilds, is limitless.

A man who financially ruins nations through currency speculation, who financially brings companies and their employees to their knees by speculating on commodities, who pushes ethnic groups to kill each other while urging free nations to wage war, as he does close to Russia’s borders, must be an evil man if not a demon.

Article Translated from French

The author was François-Xavier ROCHETTE

Source: Rivarol (N°3249 — 15 SEPTEMBRE 2016)


Anti-Conspiracy Theory Idiots

A Weapon to Kill the Truth

We assumed that school should focus on basic learning and providing quality education in order to ensure equal opportunities. We were wrong! The priority is in fact the fight against the conspiracy theorists, the so-called “conspis”. For months now, teachers have received endless emails to convince them of the urgency of this new priority.

But why such determination? The answer to this is given by the internet site, which published official documents showing that “government authorities” were disturbed by the proliferation of “conspiracy theories”, following the 2015 terrorist attacks. What’s more it appears that stories, which “paid little attention to facts”, were spread on the internet.

In the text, we mainly find platitudes on the importance of “deconstructing conspiracy theories” and of putting “the world of conspiracy theory into perspective”. Two specific cases are then cited as examples. First, we have the story of the “Illuminati”, and then the “reptilians”. In other words, nonsense, tall stories invented for somewhat brainless “new age” teenagers, but nothing worth making a fuss over. Looking at these examples, we wonder why the government is wasting so much energy.

But then things get interesting. The fact that the 2015 terrorist attacks had been mentioned had, of course, already roused our suspicions. Indeed, by continuing to read the official documents, we discover what’s really going on. Aside from the reptilians and the Illuminati, a third idea, deemed to be conspiracy theory, is cunningly slid in at the end of the text, where we read “66% of the respondents to the survey still consider that certain facts about the New York attacks were hidden”.

How shocking ! Two thirds of Americans do not believe the official version of the 9 /11 terrorist attacks. They believe that their leaders are not telling them the truth.  So the anti-conspiracy theory idiots have reduced scepticism about 9/11 to the same level as a moronic belief in reptilians. These impostors have put critical reasoning on the same level as a ludicrous fairytale.

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US Congress has just approved a law allowing families, whose relatives were killed in the twin tower attacks, to sue Saudi Arabia. It appears that it didn’t consult the brilliant minds who hunt the “conspis”, while Manuel Valls supplies weapons to the supporters of terrorism.

Let’s be clear. “Conspiracy theory” does not exist. It’s a monumental hoax. It’s a scheme which aims to discredit critical reasoning in international relations. It’s a means of intimidation which aims to paralyse public opinion by making people believe that some ideas are criminal and that we must dismiss them at the outset without any further scrutiny. For these ideas are inconvenient and escape the control of the international oligarchy, whose henchmen are the anti-conspiracy theorists. Anti-conspiracy theory is the new tool of establishment thought and is a way of disguising the intellectual incompetence of the new generation of censors.

Article Translated from French

The original author was Bruno Guigue, a political analyst and author, whose works include Les raisons de l’esclavage (L’Harmattan, 2001) et Aux origines du conflit israélo-arabe, l’invisible remords de l’Occident, (L’Harmattan, 2002).

Source: Arrêt sur Info


Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States by the American people, contrary to the majority of polls predicting a victory for Hillary Clinton, the establishment candidate.

This victory, which was only a surprise for the mainstream media system and for those who still give it credence, is a terrific lesson in hope given by the American people to all those who fight against globalism and world domination by the predatory class.

For the first time in modern history, a candidate condemning media manipulation and the system of corruption put in place by the globalist elite, has managed to prevail within a political system which had been created precisely in order to prevent such an event from ever happening.

This victory not only marks the ideological defeat of globalism but also that of its media system, whose mission is to impose a parallel universe in which any rational choice against the interests of the predatory class is impossible. The truck loads of polls commissioned by pro-Clinton TV channels (CNN, CNBC and ABC), aiming to convince the American people of the inevitable victory of their chosen candidate, were proven wrong, as was the case with Brexit.

Broadly speaking, the entire parallel universe constructed by the main-stream media has been shattered. Trump’s victory thus marks the fact that the American people have woken up to several facts: the collusion between the media and politicians; the system of corruption established by the international elite; the influence of George Soros and the Wahhabi principalities on the American political system; and, more generally, the fact that there is a caste of worldwide predators which actively works to maintain and consolidate its privileges contrary to the interests of people and nations, and does so via a vast system of corruption and collusion, of which the media machine forms an essential component.

Trump’s victory proves that the majority of American voters support anti-globalist views which hitherto could only be found in the independent press and media, dismissed as being pro “conspiracy theory”, and signals the defeat of a system of media approval: it marks the victory of Infowars against CNN and the New York Times.

In this sense, this victory gives great hope to all those in Europe and elsewhere who struggle to inform people honestly. It also represents real hope for all those independent journalists, constantly attacked and criticised, who condemn: political and geopolitical fraud; the false fight against terrorism; neo-colonial invasions in Ukraine, Libya and Syria; and the collusion between the political system and the mainstream media.

Donald Trump’s election is the sign that the American people have chosen to wake up and see the truth, despite the fiction fabricated and promulgated by the mainstream media. It shows that they have chosen to regain control of their destiny at a national level by recovering its political and economic sovereignty.

It remains to be seen, however, if Donald Trump has the political means to keep the promises he made during his campaign and to put an end to globalisation and the corruption of the establishment system. His programme is seen as a declaration of war by the predatory caste, because it directly and openly attacks their interests. He himself defines his programme as being a real revolution.

Even if Donald Trump benefited from the support of some members of the “Deep State” and the intelligence services during his campaign against Hillary Clinton, nothing indicates that he is capable of defeating a system of collusion which has infiltrated all departments, the whole of the media system and which represents the interests of the majority of multinational companies. The hardest battle, then, has yet to come…

Article Translated from French

The original author was Guillaume Borel, political anlayst and author.