Who benefited from the Nice massacre?

Alain Soral grants an interview to Jérôme Bourbon for the French political review Rivarol

Founder and president of Egalité et Réconciliation since 2007, Alain Soral is a talented, loquacious and atypical character who pulls no punches and speaks his mind. Whether one entirely shares his views and his analysis or not, it is always interesting and intellectually stimulating to hear him talk. This is why we are devoting a few columns to him in our summer edition at a time when the international and national situation is especially “intense” while making it clear, as we do for all our interviews, that his views are, of course, entirely his own.

What are your thoughts on the terrorist attack in Nice which took place on the 14 July on the Promenade des Anglais?

I had announced that there would probably be another terrorist attack similar to that of the Bataclan. I had even said that it would not take place during the European Championship but afterwards and that would take place on the beaches. Some have retorted that it wasn’t on the beaches, which proves that they have a poor knowledge of France and its geography.

There are several interpretations of this event: a fatalist interpretation and an interpretation which is more conspiratorial … What is clear, is that there are people who want the “clash of civilisations” to take place. And it has to be said that they are doing everything to make it happen and that it is going to be increasingly difficult to stop it. It is obvious that the oligarchy which governs the country is relying on a confrontation between communities.

Consequently, it is difficult to imagine that the intelligence services and the government are working effectively to prevent terrorist attacks. I even think that this climate of tension and insecurity, which allows them to push ahead despite being totally unpopular, is in their interest. Indeed, the Prime Minister (Manuel Valls) is very open about this when he said there will be more terrorist attacks, that they cannot be prevented and that we have to learn to live with them.

The question which always needs to be asked in such a case, aside from asking where the money comes from (the terrorist sent 100 thousand euros to his family in Tunisia a few days before the attack), is the following: who benefits from the crime? I believe that Israel, to which Valls is eternally attached, is the agent with the most to gain from this conflict of civilisations between Muslims and Christians and encourages it by every possible means.

And France, unfortunately, is today entirely under Israeli domination, governed by its will and its programme. When Netanyahou tells us that we will be subject to further terrorist attacks if we do not support their policy on the Palestinians, that the situations we are facing are identical and that their role is to guide us in this struggle, he is making threats just as much as he making predictions.

As long as our leaders remain completely beholden to Israel we will not be able to fight effectively against immigration or Islamic terrorism, bearing in mind that the two issues are inextricably linked, especially given the recent immigrant phenomenon…

Indeed, we are only now taking action against ISIL because Putin got involved in the Syrian issue, forgetting that the French state had organised and supplied weapons to all those radical Islamic armed groups and supported the immigration policy which allows terrorists to come into the country today.

Now, I don’t believe that our leaders are just stupid and incompetent. They are rather slaves to an ambition and a programme that surpasses them and makes them traitors to the nation and criminals. And this programme is Israel’s. Israel’s two objectives and priorities are Aliyah and Greater Israel. Push Jews in France to immigrate to Israel and justify Israeli expansionism.

Of course, if there were no Muslims in France there would be no radical Muslims to recruit and manipulate. But let’s ask ourselves some questions: why has there been uncontrolled immigration, when it is no longer economically necessary, ever since the government gave immigrants the right to bring over members of their family?

Why is there a desire to turn immigrants into social outcasts, rather than French citizens, by an effort to denigrate France, a job carried out by Trotskyist teachers: France is portrayed as a colonialist country, full of collaborators, slave traders, cowards and bastards…? Why for forty years has everything been done to put us in the situation that we find ourselves in today, a situation which wasn’t inevitable?

Another point: Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan and Nice are all totally under Israeli control. Verify who Estrosi is, what the Bataclan was and what Charlie Hebdo has become ever since Philippe Val took over… This escalation, I believe, corresponds to a programme.

We learnt that the Tunisian who committed the murderous attack in Nice drunk alcohol, didn’t pray, didn’t go to the Mosque, didn’t observe Ramadan, and wasn’t known by the security services. In this case, can we seriously talk about radical Islam?

When I say radical Islam, I’m using the official term. But one of the French intelligence chiefs recently revealed to us that out of the fifty highest ranking members of ISIL not one of them belonged to the world of radical Islam and that most of them were former Iraqi officers recruited by the Americans. And, pretending to be a slightly dim, he added that the situation was impossible to understand, most likely to avoid coming to the logical conclusion of his reasoning!

In fact, the lower ranks, the so-called djihadis who more or less willingly blow themselves up, are thugs spawned from the SOS-Racisme ideology. They are petty criminals who have come from prison and ended up in the hands of intelligence agents.

From Mohammed Merah to the Kouachi brothers, we systematically find the same profile: psychologically unstable and suggestible post-adolescents; they are very from pious Muslim adults. Here we are clearly dealing with operations similar to what we saw in the US during the 60s with Oswald.

For me, the key reference is September 11 and the Twin Towers: a joint operation between Israel and the American deep-state in order to establish the New World Order. What we are seeing today in France is just the French component of the programme. And as it accelerates, everything becomes clearer and more violent.

Why do you think the programme is accelerating?

At the moment, we see that Erdogan is allying himself with Putin, no doubt because he realises that his submission to the NATO empire could mean that he ends up like Saddam Hussein. We also see the rise of Donald Trump in America, even though he wasn’t the desired Republican candidate, because he’s an isolationist who follows the tradition of Lindbergh. Indeed, we can bet that he will soon be accused of anti-Semitism just like the famous aviator was. We are also experiencing the rebound of the 2008 banking crisis from which we have never recovered, the collapse of the financial system directed and caused by Wall Street.

Faced with this, my analysis has always been the same: the globalist oligarchy has every interest to add an ethnic dimension to the economic and social crisis, relying, admittedly, on a phenomenon which already exists: civilisations which have for a long time now been in competition and, indeed, have been conflict in the past. But, looking at history, the current confrontation between these communities is no way inevitable. Decolonisation was, in a way, the result of secularisation, Marxism even: the pan-Arab movement, Arab nationalism…

It was not inevitable that radical Islam would emerge, any more so than Hamas would take over from the PLO. It was even against the flow of history if the American-Zionist imperial power did not intervene following the collapse of the USSR and the disappearance of the useful communist enemy. All this was artificial, exploited and deliberate. But faced with the determination of the imperial oligarchy and its power, it is going to be very difficult to avoid falling into the trap. The trap of a total war: both civil and global.

Via the television and the press, everything is done to fuel hatred and tension between the communities : when the dolls of dead children are displayed on the Promenade des Anglais with a great show of emotion and without any in-depth analysis, the average French citizen, who has already suffered the effects of thirty years of economic decline and imposed immigration, which he didn’t want and which has given him nothing, other than a loss of cultural standards, social dumping and crime (all you need to do is look at the prison population), the French citizen, I do believe, comes to point where he can no longer accept anti-racism and political correctness.

And when they talk to him today about radical Islam, he doesn’t think about the imperial manipulation of ISIL and terrorism, which has been proven many times ever since Al Qaida, but about the Arab youths of the suburbs – who no longer practise the Islamic faith any more than we practise the Catholic faith – and his legitimate anger makes him forget the proletariat immigrant worker, the good and pious father who was brought up with right-wing social values and with whom we could have many points in common, to the point where all he wants to do is attack “rag-heads” as they do in Gaza.

But the system and those who control it in France have completely manufactured these thugs from the suburbs by means of the liberal-libertarian ideology and institutionalised anti-racism. Their identity is defined by the American ghetto. We have encouraged these young drop-outs to fight in Syria, we trained them in warfare, we armed them. All this is verifiable. We even made sure that they were brought back whereas we could have let Assad’s army get rid of them for us. So what is happening to us is entirely more than predictable, I would even go so as to say it was planned.

It is time to have the courage to say it: there are people who benefit from the chaos in France, and those people are neither of French origin nor are they normal, everyday Muslims. It is chaos that benefits neither the Christian minorities in the East nor those who are in war-torn Arab Muslim countries. Who benefits from this? The financial oligarchy which is concealing a financial crisis behind ethnic conflict in order to divert popular anger, and Israel whose project is to build Greater Israel. These two entities are, indeed, inextricably linked.

Alain Soral was interviewed by Jérôme Bourbon, editor-in-chief of Rivarol

Interview translated from French

Source: Egalité et Réconciliation



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