The true terrorists are the very same people who claim to fight terrorism

While the truth and nothing but the truth should interest us, many people are misled by their (legitimate) hatred of thugs and are duped by the mainstream media. They focus exclusively on what the (mendacious) media highlights.

11 September 2001, the Merah case, the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the Bataclan shooting on the 13 November, the Nice massacre on 14 July, a priest murdered at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray on 26 July… Let’s take these targets one by one: the Twin Towers (symbol of capitalism), an anti-religious satirical magazine (anti-Muslim but, mostly, anti-Christian), a rock concert with satanic overtones, the day of national celebrations to commemorate the French republic and, finally, a priest, a minister of God. All these targets constitute symbols and were by no means chosen at random.

The media version of each terrorist attack is flawed, tainted by lies. The media routinely buries photographic evidence and statements which contradict their theory (for example: this woman who saw an armed man get out of the lorry: or they interview a fake hero, such as the man from Nice, Franck, whose statement was entirely false (

From inside-job to chaos

In each case, not only are we unsure of the identity of the terrorist, but we never move up the chain of command in order to identify the brains behind the attacks. After all, this is really what should interest us if we want to eradicate the problem at its source. Who are the sponsors of terrorism? Who has the power and the network necessary to carry out these large-scale attacks without being caught or convicted?

According to Aymeric Chauprade : “Terrorism is essentially the consequence of state action,  the work of intelligence services which use lunatics and fanatics in order to carry out their operations.” To carry out their dirty work, so to speak. Working on this assumption, it is clear that the French state and its intelligence services (1) acted as accessories to the terrorists in these attacks. And it is highly likely that each case was an “inside-job”. We are currently experiencing the French equivalent of the 11th September 2001. The true terrorists are those who claim to fight terrorism. Obeying the orders of a foreign nation, these people are incapable of protecting the French people and are akin to pyromaniac fireman.

From September 11 2001 to this very day – for we are experiencing the continuation of 9/11 (2) – the message conveyed by the mainstream media is clear: “Radical Islam” has declared war against the “Christian” West. The plot is very simple: it has to be, so that the entire population, anesthetised by the cathode ray tube, can understand it.

If we are to believe the various comments in the main-stream media and on the internet, the enemy, the number one danger, is Islam, which seeks to conquer and destroy. It would appear, therefore, that there is no conspiracy.  This enemy acts quite openly and defies the Christian West which, incidentally, has largely abandoned the Christian faith. Therefore it is ISIL which, for 18 months now, has been terrorising the French population and claiming responsibility for each of the attacks.

Some simple questions: What is ISIL ? Who are the members of ISIL ? What is their aim? Who controls ISIL? Who stands to gain from these serial killings for which ISIL claims responsibility?

To all these questions we have neither precise answers nor conclusive evidence.  And we know just as little about ISIL as we do about recent events. Apparently, the terrorists were all Arab Muslims, followers of Wahhabi ideology. They claim that some were criminals with links to the intelligence services, while others were said to be mentally-disturbed alcoholics or Islamic extremists. Evidently, they were all mere sub-contractors, manipulated and used by the state (3). The very same state which claims to fight terrorism and Islamic extremism, even though for decades it has encouraged the massive inflow of immigrants, most of whom are … Muslims.  Spot the mistake.

If the French state really wanted to fight against Islamic terrorism, it would tackle the problem differently. It wouldn’t encourage immigration from North Africa and the Islamisation of France. It wouldn’t allow the construction of mosques. Its rhetoric and its spin are contradicted by the facts, so this government has no credibility.

Let’s come back to ISIL. According to the criminologist, Xavier Raufer, ISIL “is not a terrorist group” but “a mercenary army”. Answerable to whom? “There is not a single Islamic extremist among the leaders of ISIL”. According to him, ISIL is a secular group controlled from abroad. And it is the foreign element which we find most interesting. ISIL is, objectively speaking, primarily a weapon of destruction in the hands of the international Judeo-Masonry, working for the construction of Greater Israel. Anybody can see that ISIL, Al-Qaida (“CIA Arab legion”, according to W Tarpley) and the Al-Nusra Front (Al Qaida in Syria) are shadowy and amorphous groups which have never attacked Israel. This is perhaps just a coincidence … or perhaps not. After all, which state aims to destroy all the other nations in order secure its domination of the world? Which military power seeks to turn the world into battlefield? Motivated by hatred and vengeance, it pursues its messianic mission. Who would look to turn the Christian West against the Islamic world in order to plunge France into chaos and then do same everywhere else in the world? Once we have examined the world revolutionary movement, that is to say the Talmudic-Masonic conspiracy, asking these questions leads us directly to the answers.

Create a Climate of Fear

Clearly, the objective of this operation, this series of terrorist attacks, is to establish a climate of fear in France. Fear had already set in with the Charlie Hebdo attack. You only have to listen to people in the street talking about how they are scared of going out. This fear, which is building to a crescendo, eerily resembles that of 1793 when the Freemasons Robespierre (his real surname: Rubinstein), Danton, Marat and Duport (the mastermind behind the massacres) were at work. This climate of fear aims to make people accept unpopular government decisions which go against public interest (reform of employment law). This climate of fear, therefore, seeks to impose a Masonic dictatorship (4). It also aims, above all, to trigger a civil war in France.

This is what the French secret service chief, Patrick Calvar, told us last month:

“We are on the verge of a civil war. I think this conflict (desired by the extreme-right in particular) will take place. A couple more terrorist attacks and it will happen.”

In conclusion, we have every reason to fear a civil war between the Christian and Muslim communities or that foreign mercenaries ransack the country as they did in Syria and Libya (in fact, just about anywhere in the world where the American-European-Zionist axis has imposed “democracy and freedom”.) Faced with this situation, what should we do? Most importantly, we should not get involved in a conflict from which we have nothing to gain and everything to lose, for the die has been cast. While waiting to discover the truth about these terrorist attacks we must, more than ever, remain level-headed and we should not heed the media siren calls luring us into a civil war. Remain vigilant and, if you are a Christian, find time for prayer.

(1) According to Roland Dumas, former French foreign affairs minister, the French intelligence services are controlled by Mossad:

(2)  According to the Kabbalists, the number 911 denotes the eviction of God.

(3) Mind control techniques can be used in this case.

(4) The Masonic dictatorship, which is the true face of democracy.

Article Translated from French

The original author was Johan Livernette


Who benefited from the Nice massacre?

Alain Soral grants an interview to Jérôme Bourbon for the French political review Rivarol

Founder and president of Egalité et Réconciliation since 2007, Alain Soral is a talented, loquacious and atypical character who pulls no punches and speaks his mind. Whether one entirely shares his views and his analysis or not, it is always interesting and intellectually stimulating to hear him talk. This is why we are devoting a few columns to him in our summer edition at a time when the international and national situation is especially “intense” while making it clear, as we do for all our interviews, that his views are, of course, entirely his own.

What are your thoughts on the terrorist attack in Nice which took place on the 14 July on the Promenade des Anglais?

I had announced that there would probably be another terrorist attack similar to that of the Bataclan. I had even said that it would not take place during the European Championship but afterwards and that would take place on the beaches. Some have retorted that it wasn’t on the beaches, which proves that they have a poor knowledge of France and its geography.

There are several interpretations of this event: a fatalist interpretation and an interpretation which is more conspiratorial … What is clear, is that there are people who want the “clash of civilisations” to take place. And it has to be said that they are doing everything to make it happen and that it is going to be increasingly difficult to stop it. It is obvious that the oligarchy which governs the country is relying on a confrontation between communities.

Consequently, it is difficult to imagine that the intelligence services and the government are working effectively to prevent terrorist attacks. I even think that this climate of tension and insecurity, which allows them to push ahead despite being totally unpopular, is in their interest. Indeed, the Prime Minister (Manuel Valls) is very open about this when he said there will be more terrorist attacks, that they cannot be prevented and that we have to learn to live with them.

The question which always needs to be asked in such a case, aside from asking where the money comes from (the terrorist sent 100 thousand euros to his family in Tunisia a few days before the attack), is the following: who benefits from the crime? I believe that Israel, to which Valls is eternally attached, is the agent with the most to gain from this conflict of civilisations between Muslims and Christians and encourages it by every possible means.

And France, unfortunately, is today entirely under Israeli domination, governed by its will and its programme. When Netanyahou tells us that we will be subject to further terrorist attacks if we do not support their policy on the Palestinians, that the situations we are facing are identical and that their role is to guide us in this struggle, he is making threats just as much as he making predictions.

As long as our leaders remain completely beholden to Israel we will not be able to fight effectively against immigration or Islamic terrorism, bearing in mind that the two issues are inextricably linked, especially given the recent immigrant phenomenon…

Indeed, we are only now taking action against ISIL because Putin got involved in the Syrian issue, forgetting that the French state had organised and supplied weapons to all those radical Islamic armed groups and supported the immigration policy which allows terrorists to come into the country today.

Now, I don’t believe that our leaders are just stupid and incompetent. They are rather slaves to an ambition and a programme that surpasses them and makes them traitors to the nation and criminals. And this programme is Israel’s. Israel’s two objectives and priorities are Aliyah and Greater Israel. Push Jews in France to immigrate to Israel and justify Israeli expansionism.

Of course, if there were no Muslims in France there would be no radical Muslims to recruit and manipulate. But let’s ask ourselves some questions: why has there been uncontrolled immigration, when it is no longer economically necessary, ever since the government gave immigrants the right to bring over members of their family?

Why is there a desire to turn immigrants into social outcasts, rather than French citizens, by an effort to denigrate France, a job carried out by Trotskyist teachers: France is portrayed as a colonialist country, full of collaborators, slave traders, cowards and bastards…? Why for forty years has everything been done to put us in the situation that we find ourselves in today, a situation which wasn’t inevitable?

Another point: Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan and Nice are all totally under Israeli control. Verify who Estrosi is, what the Bataclan was and what Charlie Hebdo has become ever since Philippe Val took over… This escalation, I believe, corresponds to a programme.

We learnt that the Tunisian who committed the murderous attack in Nice drunk alcohol, didn’t pray, didn’t go to the Mosque, didn’t observe Ramadan, and wasn’t known by the security services. In this case, can we seriously talk about radical Islam?

When I say radical Islam, I’m using the official term. But one of the French intelligence chiefs recently revealed to us that out of the fifty highest ranking members of ISIL not one of them belonged to the world of radical Islam and that most of them were former Iraqi officers recruited by the Americans. And, pretending to be a slightly dim, he added that the situation was impossible to understand, most likely to avoid coming to the logical conclusion of his reasoning!

In fact, the lower ranks, the so-called djihadis who more or less willingly blow themselves up, are thugs spawned from the SOS-Racisme ideology. They are petty criminals who have come from prison and ended up in the hands of intelligence agents.

From Mohammed Merah to the Kouachi brothers, we systematically find the same profile: psychologically unstable and suggestible post-adolescents; they are very from pious Muslim adults. Here we are clearly dealing with operations similar to what we saw in the US during the 60s with Oswald.

For me, the key reference is September 11 and the Twin Towers: a joint operation between Israel and the American deep-state in order to establish the New World Order. What we are seeing today in France is just the French component of the programme. And as it accelerates, everything becomes clearer and more violent.

Why do you think the programme is accelerating?

At the moment, we see that Erdogan is allying himself with Putin, no doubt because he realises that his submission to the NATO empire could mean that he ends up like Saddam Hussein. We also see the rise of Donald Trump in America, even though he wasn’t the desired Republican candidate, because he’s an isolationist who follows the tradition of Lindbergh. Indeed, we can bet that he will soon be accused of anti-Semitism just like the famous aviator was. We are also experiencing the rebound of the 2008 banking crisis from which we have never recovered, the collapse of the financial system directed and caused by Wall Street.

Faced with this, my analysis has always been the same: the globalist oligarchy has every interest to add an ethnic dimension to the economic and social crisis, relying, admittedly, on a phenomenon which already exists: civilisations which have for a long time now been in competition and, indeed, have been conflict in the past. But, looking at history, the current confrontation between these communities is no way inevitable. Decolonisation was, in a way, the result of secularisation, Marxism even: the pan-Arab movement, Arab nationalism…

It was not inevitable that radical Islam would emerge, any more so than Hamas would take over from the PLO. It was even against the flow of history if the American-Zionist imperial power did not intervene following the collapse of the USSR and the disappearance of the useful communist enemy. All this was artificial, exploited and deliberate. But faced with the determination of the imperial oligarchy and its power, it is going to be very difficult to avoid falling into the trap. The trap of a total war: both civil and global.

Via the television and the press, everything is done to fuel hatred and tension between the communities : when the dolls of dead children are displayed on the Promenade des Anglais with a great show of emotion and without any in-depth analysis, the average French citizen, who has already suffered the effects of thirty years of economic decline and imposed immigration, which he didn’t want and which has given him nothing, other than a loss of cultural standards, social dumping and crime (all you need to do is look at the prison population), the French citizen, I do believe, comes to point where he can no longer accept anti-racism and political correctness.

And when they talk to him today about radical Islam, he doesn’t think about the imperial manipulation of ISIL and terrorism, which has been proven many times ever since Al Qaida, but about the Arab youths of the suburbs – who no longer practise the Islamic faith any more than we practise the Catholic faith – and his legitimate anger makes him forget the proletariat immigrant worker, the good and pious father who was brought up with right-wing social values and with whom we could have many points in common, to the point where all he wants to do is attack “rag-heads” as they do in Gaza.

But the system and those who control it in France have completely manufactured these thugs from the suburbs by means of the liberal-libertarian ideology and institutionalised anti-racism. Their identity is defined by the American ghetto. We have encouraged these young drop-outs to fight in Syria, we trained them in warfare, we armed them. All this is verifiable. We even made sure that they were brought back whereas we could have let Assad’s army get rid of them for us. So what is happening to us is entirely more than predictable, I would even go so as to say it was planned.

It is time to have the courage to say it: there are people who benefit from the chaos in France, and those people are neither of French origin nor are they normal, everyday Muslims. It is chaos that benefits neither the Christian minorities in the East nor those who are in war-torn Arab Muslim countries. Who benefits from this? The financial oligarchy which is concealing a financial crisis behind ethnic conflict in order to divert popular anger, and Israel whose project is to build Greater Israel. These two entities are, indeed, inextricably linked.

Alain Soral was interviewed by Jérôme Bourbon, editor-in-chief of Rivarol

Interview translated from French

Source: Egalité et Réconciliation

Hervé RYSSEN: The Eschatological War – End Times in the Great Religions

The author Hervé Ryssen grants an interview to Jérôme Bourbon for the French political review Rivarol

Your ninth book has been published this week. This time you look at eschatology. Could you first of all explain to us what eschatology is ?

To put it simply, eschatology is the study of “end times”. In the three great monotheist religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – there is the belief that our world was created by God but that one day it must end. Catastrophes, wars and all sorts of terrifying prophecies are found in each of the great traditions as well as in ancient Aryan tradition and in Nordic mythology. From the ultimate war against the forces of evil, a new world will be reborn, from which the non-believers and heretics will have been banished. We find the same pattern every time.

What have you learnt from your research ? Given the close relationship between the three religions, can we say it’s possible to conceive a common future?

Eschatology teaches us precisely that the three religions are incompatible with one another for the very simple reason that their visions of the future differ on one particular and fundamental point : in the end, one – and only one – must triumph. The others must convert (in the case of Christianity and Islam) or quite simply disappear. Indeed, the Jews do not have this desire to convert the others to Judaism. The propaganda of Jewish intellectuals (what they say, their films, their novels, etc) consists of discrediting among non-Jews the idea of religion, race, homeland and any feeling of belonging in order to elevate the Jews above the mass of goys. Once all the nations have been destroyed and transformed into multi-cultural societies, once all the religions have been annihilated, and once a world government has been established – probably after a world war – an “absolute and final” peace will reign on earth, according to them. It is then that their much awaited messiah will come. The Jews will have kept their traditions and so will be recognised by all as being “God’s chosen people”.

But Jewish supremacism is no exception. The Muslims also seek to dominate this world.

There is, indeed, in Islam the idea that the whole world must submit and accept the message of the Holy Prophet. But, as I was saying, it is a question of converting others and not destroying them. Islam is not a closed sect, like Judaism, but is an open and universalist religion, similar to Christianity for that matter. But we must not forget that the Koran mentions several times the idea of fighting the infidel, with weapons if necessary, which does give me an uncomfortable feeling around the neck!

Certain French patriots believe that, faced with the rise of Islam in Europe, the Jews, or certain Jews at least, can be allies. What’s your opinion on this?

For some ten years now, we have seen a handful of Jews, who were at one time fervent supporters of immigration, turn their guns and transform themselves, magically, into super French patriots, “more French than the French”, ever since they realised that all those Muslim immigrants, whom they helped to get into the country, are not necessarily their friends.

Moreover, the rhetoric against “Islamic fascism” (Bernard-Henry Lévy used the term fascislamisme as early as 2006) is a way of mentally preparing people for a war against Iran, a country which does not threaten the French in a way at all, but which is an obstacle for the Zionist state in the Middle East.

So this fallacious rhetoric is a confidence trick. As far as we are concerned, we are totally opposed to mass immigration from the third world, regardless of whether the immigrants are Muslims or not.  And from an international point of view, we completely support Syria and Iran as well as all the other countries which oppose the Western-Zionist axis. Let the Jews fight their own wars for a change !

How do Muslim theologians envisage the end of this battle between the Western world and Zionism ?

Theologians, such as Imran Hosein, have perfectly understood that the “Christian” West is today very much Jewish owing to a constant stream of cosmopolitan propaganda in the media. “Abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery are all legal today…” he writes.  He quite rightly says that the Europeans “have become Jewish”. He also vehemently condemns moves by the West to establish a world government. For him, in any case, things are very clear : God punished the Jews with a Babylonian army ; he punished them a second time with a Roman army; the third punishment will be a Muslim army, only this time it will be for real!

As for the Christians, who have not been able to protect themselves from Jewish nihilism, they will be obliged to stop venerating Jesus as if he were God and “will be forced to recognise him as a prophet”. Here we can see a difference in tone between the Muslims, who recognise Jesus as a prophet, and the Jews who, in the Talmud, insult Christ and consider that he is the son of a prostitute and a Roman solider. In Muslim eschatology, Jesus is sometimes considered to be the “Mahdi “(he who is guided by God), who will defeat the Anti-Christ at the end of time. For the Muslims also have the idea of an “Anti-Christ”. They call him the “Dajjal” and, as in Christianity, the Anti-Christ, who will persecute the faithful before finally being defeated, will come from the Jewish sect, which is hardly surprising!

According to you, what are the differences between Christian eschatology and Muslim eschatology?

The essential difference is that the Muslims, like the Jews, believe in a triumph in this world, whereas the Christians, in particular the Catholics, seem to have renounced all idea of a victory in this world. Catholic eschatology is not clear, to tell the truth, and does not stir people into action in the same way as eschatology does for the Jews or for the Shia Muslims, who strive to bring the messiah to this world. A very small number of texts suggest the evangelisation of all nations, the Church’s “sixth age”, which precedes the great apostasy, as described by Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser. We read that, in the following age, that of the Anti-Christ, “the only victory possible for the Christians in these terrible times will be to be defeated, persecuted, tormented and put to death, while remaining true, faithful and resolute”. This is revealing. We see that Christians are morally defenceless and that they are turned into martyrs, whereas they could have been heroes.

La Chute des anges, illustration de Georges Chastellain, Miroir de mort, 1470, Bibliothèque municipale, Carpentras.

‘The Fall of Angels’ – Georges Chastelain, 1470

In the Conciliar Church, in accordance with the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), the eschatology is even less galvanising. This time, the Church seems to have taken up the cause of Judaism. It must be humble and seems to be waiting impatiently for world government and the reign of the Anti-Christ! What about the conversion of Jews? This is postponed for the end of time and is never due to the evangelical zeal of Catholics. There is therefore no messianic activism. “Nobody will miss our gothic cathedrals”, fruit of our “pride”, writes a theologian with the authorisation of the diocese of Paris. We really do get the impression that there is a death wish. In such circumstances, therefore, it is not surprising to see our enemies gaining ground while we retreat.

What of the pagan “Weltanschaung”  ? Could you tell us a little about this?

The pagan world is generally based on an eschatology which is very pacific. It is very easy to understand why. For decades, the intellectual leader of this school of thought, Alain Benoist, has continued to trot out the idea that pre-Christian history in Europe was cyclical and not linear, and all the adherents of this movement, following him, have repeated ad nauseam Nietzsche’s phrase: “We must not hold back what must fall, but push it”. This means that, quite naturally, a number of militants within this movement believe that the best thing to do is to watch this civilisation die and even encourage its demise, as they are convinced that a new cycle will begin once everything has been destroyed. They no longer even realise that, at the end of the cycle, the white man will be dead and buried and they will have left the door open to their enemies.

The “traditionalists”, who are less political in their way of thinking, are followers of René Guénon and Julius Evola. According to this school of thought, history is a long decline, a gradual separation from the “Primordial Tradition”, and this has been the case for tens of thousands of years (or for several hundreds of thousands, depending on the many different interpretations!)

Following the Golden Age, there was the Silver Age and then the Bronze Age. We are today in the fourth and final age, the Iron Age, which has lasted for more than six thousand years, but which will soon come to an end and complete the great cycle. Do you all not feel tired? We have to wait for it all to end, asserts Julius Evola; it is absolutely futile to attempt to do anything to fight against the tide of decline!

With this mind, we understand better why the Jews and the Muslims are in the ascendant! Everything comes down to eschatology.

Aside from that, in the third chapter I give some ideas which will, I think, allow readers to understand the workings of the psychological war which we must fight. In short: for us, to doubt is tantamount to betrayal!

Hervé Ryssen was interviewed by Jérôme Bourbon, editor-in-chief of Rivarol

La Guerre eschatologique is published by Baskerville (April 2013, 192 pages)

Interview translated from French


ISIL Oil Bought by EU Countries

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or Daesh) currently controls eleven oil-fields in northern Iraq and in the region of Rakka in Syria.

Du pétrole de l’Etat Islamique acheté par des pays européens

According to the Andalou News Agency, Jana Hybášková, Ambassador of the European Union in Iraq, oil tankers filled with oil purchased from ISIL had arrived in European countries. She refused to go into further detail or give a list of the countries concerned.

Meanwhile, the site Atlantico has indicated the ISIL sells its oil at around 25 to 50 dollars per barrel (it sells for 100 dollars per barrel on the international market) via its network of smugglers in Jordan, Turkey, Kurdistan and Iran, and that it cannot be ruled out that this crude oil then comes into the US or into Europe.

As for the supply of weapons to the Kurds, the ambassador claimed that it was impossible to verify whether the true recipients were still the Peshmerga or “Kurdish terrorist groups”. According to her, moreover, support for Kurdish independence would trigger “the complete collapse of the Middle East”.

22 September 2014

Translated from French

The original author was Gilles Munier

Source : France-Irak Actualité

See also: “ISIL: Are we honestly fighting against the terrorists?”

Iran is still the Target of Western Secret Services and their Allies

On the 14 July 2015, Iran and the P5+1 group (US, France, UK, Russia, China and Germany) signed the Vienna nuclear agreement, lifting the Iranian sanctions – on paper at least.

Following this, not only have the Americans been reluctant to implement the agreement, but they are again attempting to overthrow the Islamic regime with the help of their Western and regional allies – Israel and Saudi Arabia – still with the idea of dividing the country into regions.

A few months ago, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, spiritual guide of the Iranian Revolution, met the parents of Revolutionary Guard troops who had been killed in Syria and Iraq. He declared that their children had given their lives to prevent the destruction of Shia Muslim holy sites, that they had protected the populations of these countries and that they had fought to ensure that Iran will not have to fight the same enemy tomorrow  “in Kermansha, Hamadan and in other provinces.

Un commando des forces terrestres du Corps des Gardiens de la Révolution islamique (CGRI)

Ground Troops from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) 

ISIL is, of course, one the main enemies threatening Iranian internal security. But there also local armed groups (jihadist and/or separatist) which operate mainly in the border regions.

Djihadist and Separatist Threats

In recent weeks, there have been violent clashes between the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and terrorist groups in Kurdistan, Sistan and Baluchestan, West Azerbaijan and Khuzestan:

  • Following Masoud Barazini’s decision in March to revive the Kurdish separatist movement, which has lain dormant in Iran since 1996, the Peshmerga from the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), led by Mustafa Hijri, have been attempting to get a foothold in the mountainous regions and the towns close to the Iraqi border. The hostilities have now reached the stage where Mohammad Pakpour (Brigadier-General and Commander of the IRGC) is threatening to intervene in Iraqi Kurdistan if the Kurdish fighters are not given the order to withdraw. Given that Barzani has not embarked upon this mission without CIA and Mossad backing, the situation can only get worse. Especially since, according to Stratfor, Mustafa Hijri now wants bring all Iranian separatist movements together in a Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran (CNFI).
  • On 20 June, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani (Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran) revealed that Iranian intelligence had thwarted “one of the biggest terrorist plots” hatched by djihadists “who planned to carry out suicide attacks in Teheran”.  This is the first time this have ever happened !
  • On the 22 June, six members of the GAMO (The National Army of South Azerbaijan) were arrested in Iranian Azerbaijan for possessing “sensitive documents and information intended for a foreign power.”
  • On the 23 June, several groups of saboteurs were arrested in the oil producing province of Khuzestan. The insurgent group Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) demands the independence of this region.
  • On the 10 July, an armed group from the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) – linked to the Turkish PKK – had wounded an Iranian MP and a commissioner and killed their driver in an ambush in the Kermanshah province.
  • On the 21 July, 40 people, preparing to attack “important military and defence targets in Khash” were arrested in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan. They were members of Jaish ul-Adl (Army of Justice), a Sunni insurgent group based in the Sistan-Baluchestan province, which had taken over from Jundallah (Soldiers of God), largely disbanded following the arrest and execution of its leader Abdolmalek Rigi on 20 June 2010. According to several Western newspapers, the Jundallah was, in particular, financed by Mossad whose agents posed as members of the CIA so as not to embarrass its Islamist partners!

The “late” Massoud Rajavi

On the 9th July, during the annual meeting of The People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI – a group opposed to the Iranian government linked to American and Israeli neo-conservatives), the Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal (former head of the secret services and former ambassador to Washington) caused much consternation when he pointedly implied that Massoud Rajavi, founder of the PMOI, was dead.

We can imagine the embarrassment of his energetic wife, Myriam, who took over the leadership of the group ever since his mysterious and unexplained disappearance.

Myriam Radjavi is expected to deny that Massoud Rajavi is dead and prove that he is alive or confirm that he is dead and, in this case, explain the circumstances of his death and why she had not reported it. Would there perhaps be a few foul deeds to conceal? The legitimacy of her leadership hinges on this matter.

That said, everybody understood that the PMOI is officially supported by Saudi Arabia which, until now, was an open secret.

Towards a remake of the Iran-Iraq war ?

The current resurgence in subversive activities in Iran is redolent of 2007, when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney planned to overthrow the Iranian regime by means of ethnically and religiously motivated assassinations followed by a bombing campaign. The scheme was postponed without any consideration for the armed separatist groups who had believed that the US would go ahead with their plan … and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was triumphantly re-elected two years later.

Do these attacks against Iran foreshadow the outbreak of a new Arabic-Persian conflict? Was the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) set up with this in mind ?

These questions are being asked by those who listened to the speech made in January by Prince Turki al-Faisal at the Académie Diplomatique Internationale. They were surprised to hear him paying homage to the orthodox Christian, Michel Aflaq, “great thinker of Pan-Arabism”, neglecting to point out – no doubt deliberately – that he was said to have “secretly” converted to Sunni Islam prior to his death.

1 August 2016

Translated from French

The original author was Gilles Munier

Source: France-Irak Actualité