Iran and the Chinese Silk Road – A Nightmare for the US

Entretien entre Xi Jinping et Ali Khamenei à Téhéran à Téhéran

By  Gilles Munier

Source : France-Irak Actualité

What was the former Iranian president, Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsandjani, playing at when he recently posted the following message on his Twitter page: “Tomorrow’s world will be one of dialogue not missiles” ?

Of course, Iran has managed to free itself from the regime of international sanctions imposed by the UN. But everybody knows – everybody except Rafsandjani, that is – that today’s world and that of tomorrow will most likely not be all ‘peace and love’.

Predictably, the US is delaying the implementation of the Geneva nuclear agreement. The US government will continue to target Iran as long it does not conform, i.e. enter into the zone of American influence. Listening to the presidential candidates Trump and Clinton is enough to spark fear and see the need for weapons.

On the 30 March last year, Ali Khamenei, the current Supreme Leader, responded to Rafsandjani (though he did not directly refer to him), saying that “the world is a jungle”. As for missiles, the whole of the Middle East knows what to expect following the Tomahawk missile attacks, launched by the Americans during the last Gulf War, and the attacks on the ISIL stronghold in Rakka, made last October by the Russian navy. We can just imagine the number of fatalities and the devastation that the US fleet, currently cruising in the Gulf and the Arabian Sea, would cause if it were given the order to attack Iran.

It is not just Iranian missile trials that galvanise the US administration. There is also the news that China and Russia will participate in Iranian civil engineering projects. There is the scheme to construct a canal between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf which would give Russian ships access to the ‘warm seas’. In particular, there is there is the ‘New Silk Road’ scheme, proposed by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping. The arrival of a Chinese freight train in Teheran could mark the beginning of a project to upgrade the railway line connecting the two countries, which passes through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

This strategic partnership between China, Russia and Iran, developed within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, is a geopolitical nightmare for Washington

On the 30 March, Ali Khamenei also said that the enemies of the Iranian Islamic revolution “use dialogue, trade, sanctions and military threats or any other means to achieve their objectives”. They constantly reinforce their “military and ballistic missile capacity; in this context, how can one say that the age of missiles is over?”

Referring to Rafsandjani’s Twitter message, though not referring to him in person, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that: “If this was said in ignorance, this is problem, but if this was said on purpose, then its treason.” We couldn’t put it better.



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