Why France failed in Ukraine

Book : Xavier Moreau, Pourquoi la France s’est trompée en Ukraine éditions du Rocher, 186 pages, septembre 2015.

We may be surprised by the disastrous manner in which France managed the Ukrainian crisis. The decisions taken often went against French interests, following American policy which was sometimes at odds with the French tradition. Implacable opposition to Russia proved counter-productive, weakening France’s voice in the Middle East and diminishing its influence in Syria. While this crisis could have been an opportunity for France to lead European diplomacy, it instead got bogged down and lost its way. Diplomatic efforts were guided by ideology rather than by pragmatism and reality, the result of which was that the local population consistently suffered.

Xavier Moreau, expert on Russia and Central Europe, devotes a book to this failure of French diplomacy. But his book also analyses the situation in Ukraine, which is much more complex than the portrayal conveyed by the pale images in the media. In this book, we discover an overlap of communities and cultural animosities, formed over the centuries, which emerge at a time when the Ukrainian state is weakening.

Article Translated from French

The original author was Jean-Baptiste Noé, writer and historian. He is an editor of the geopolitical magazine, Conflits, and is a columnist for l’Opinion.

Source: Contrepoints



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