The Noose Tightens

“We will have a world government, I don’t know whether it will be before or after the Third World War, but we will have one”

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This is the prediction of Jacques Attali, our cosmopolitan and planetary pundit, special adviser to all our former presidents.

As for world government, we have seen it actively spread its tentacles everywhere over several decades. It began in 1945 with the creation of the UN at the San Francisco conference, less than three months after the division of the world at the Yalta conference. The victors wasted no time, and the race for world domination began.

Behind its New York glass facade, the UN is the workshop of the New World Order which, under the pretext of ‘peace building’,  aims in reality to replace sovereign nation states with the fantasy of collective sovereignty. In other words, it aims to establish a divine global bureaucracy. This ‘world-building’ takes place step by step and is done before our very eyes. But because we lack an overall vision we only see the immediately discernible segments, and so we fail to see the connections between them. But if we to return to the history of events, it is easy to see where we are going and where it is taking us. Just one word defines our promised paradise: totalitarianism!

Bear in mind that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has legal and coercive means at its disposal to have entire nations vaccinated or to contain them by force on the mere presumption of an epidemic risk.

Likewise, the international super pressure-group, representing those who believe in the idea of man-made global warming, will hold its High Mass at enormous cost in Paris at the end of November. The objective will be to draft an international treaty which will limit global warming to 2 °C.

Climate change is undeniable. But it is easy to see what is lurking behind the ostensible aim of reducing everybody’s carbon footprint. Indeed, what is really being planned in the name of the common good and ecological salvation are new ways to enrich a few oligopolies, justify the introduction of new taxes and, even worse, reinforce the control of our industries and our private lives.

Without coming to any hasty conclusions, let’s just note that, while inland ice sheets are shrinking, this is not necessarily the case for the polar ice caps. In 2013, for example, the Arctic ice cap had increased by 60% during the summer, that is to say by 2 383 000 km2, which is equivalent in size to half of Europe! This is a spectacular recovery after the record melting in 2012 and comes six years after the BBC had announced that, in 2013 precisely, global warming would have completely wiped out the summer ice caps. This just goes to show the complexity of environmental phenomena, which are exploited in order to increase government interference in society with the ultimate aim of severely restricting people’s lives by the application of supranational laws.

As for the Third World War, it’s not something that will happen in the future as it has already started! In Syria, there are about forty different nationalities involved in the conflict. Indeed, by way of example, Chechen Islamic extremists fight side by side with Turkish-speaking Uighurs from the Asian Steppe. This explains why Russia intervened in Syria and why China is more vigilant. The world government is therefore making progress on two fronts:

  1. the establishment of a ‘Universal Republic’ via the UN and international policy forums
  2. the creation of a series of conflicts leading to a ‘ring of fire’ from the Sea of Japan to the Gulf of Guinea.

Translated from French

The original author was Jean-Michel Vernochet, a French writer and geopolitical analyst.

Source : Boulevard Voltaire,214919


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