Paris Terrorist Attacks

Algerian Intelligence had warned the French

Last month the Algerian secret services, the DRS, sent a comprehensive report to the French intelligence services (DGSE), warning of a high risk of terrorist attacks in the Paris region at “centres hosting large crowds of people”.

The DRS provided a list of names of certain French extremists of Algerian and North African origin who came into contact with Algerian members of ISIS. Placed under surveillance for several months by the Algerian intelligence services, these fighters had long discussions with these French extremists some of whom stayed in Syrian camps.

According to our sources, the DRS also has highly trained agents who, posing as candidates for jihad, infiltrated the ranks of ISIS for several months. Thanks to these infiltrators, the DRS obtained very valuable information on the plans of the terrorist organization. “Indeed, this is what explains why we have not suffered attacks as savage as those of Paris”, claims a DRS officer, who cannot comprehend the failure of the French intelligence services to respond to its report.

In its report, the DRS highlighted the suspicious behviour of one of the suicide bombers involved in the attack on the Bataclan café, Omar Ismaïl Mostefai, whose radicalization had been reported by the Algerian services. The DRS also requested in its report an exchange of intelligence on the Belgian terrorist network which was busily sending reinforcements to ISIS in Syria.

Belgium’s failure to control the movements of these extremists worried DRS leaders. They even compiled a list of “brothers”, young radicals from France, who had recently converted to Islam, arriving at Algerian airports to later join “theological” training centres with Salafist tendencies.

Tracked and monitored, these rather suspicious tourists returned to France after improving their Arabic and their knowledge of the religion. And it just so happens that many of them were spotted by the DRS in Syria or at the Turkish border. But several officers of the DRS feel that something is not quite right at the moment in the French intelligence services…

Article translated from French

The original author was Louise Dimitrakis, journalist at Mondafrique

Source: Mondafrique



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