New International Challenges: War or Peace

Book: Roland Dumas, Charles Crettien, New International Challenges : War or Peace (Nouveaux enjeux internationaux, Guerre ou Paix), Le Cherche midi, 2014, 176 p., 17 €.

Former foreign minister, Roland Dumas, and Charles Crettien, a former ambassador who notably served in Somalia, have teamed up to condemn the current excesses of French foreign policy.

The book’s starting point is the new Russian defence policy, announced in March 2012 by president Putin, spelling the end of an era of disarmament and détente started by Gorbachev. Taking into account the significant role that Russia plays in the world, the authors succinctly review the world’s trouble spots: Syria, the Middle East, Maghreb, the Sahel, Sub-Saharan Africa, but also Columbia and Thailand.

In what appears to be a plea for a new French foreign policy, based on a dialogue with Russia and its allies, the authors highlight the dangers of resorting to religious discourse in the current international climate while condemning the improvisations of a French foreign policy discredited by the belligerent and contradictory behaviour of current French political leaders.

Article Translated from French

Source: Conflits




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