“We must establish an authoritarian, universal regime, a form of government which covers the entire world.”  (Adam Wesihaupt)

“The barrier which must be breached is the nation.” (Edmond de Rothschild)

“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” (Paul Warburg)

“The European community itself is merely a step towards the organizational structures of tomorrow.” (Jean Monnet)

“Together we will go towards this New World Order. And nobody, I mean, nobody, will be able to oppose this.” (Nicolas Sarkozy)

“We will have a world government, I don’t know whether it will be before or after the Third World War, but we will have one.” (Jacques Attali)

The implementation of the messianic project to unify the entire world under one government has a geostrategic dimension. Indeed, “coloured revolutions”, “Arab springs”, “refugee crises” and false flag attacks are all weapons in the globalist arsenal to establish the totalitarian New World Order. For this reason, we have translated into English various French articles and extracts from books on the geopolitical situation in Europe and in the Arab world. As you will see, both the deepening crisis in Europe and the widening conflict in the Middle East are all consequences of the globalist plan in action.